Consider Yourselves Warned

For those that have been “around the block” a few times, when it comes to market signalling and more. There has been no better “signal” for calamity than one I deem “The most dangerous person to one’s 401K.” aka Jim Cramer of CNBC™. And, once again, I believe he’s giving a “signal” that everyone should view with abject terror for this Halloween season.. To wit:

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I’m bringing attention to this for the reason that the “market” is currently “On fire!” as many will say, and possibly heading to new all time highs.

Maybe, however, I would just like to remind everyone last time this clown investment guru took to the airwaves to give his investing prowess back in, March of 2020. Once again, to wit:

(Image Source – and direct link to YouTube™)

And for those that may not remember the “what-and-why” of the above image? Here’s what I said about it back then and the what-and-why that followed it. Hint: The market crashed and kept crashing.

You’ve been warned.

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