I just wanted to show how indicative all this “Insight” parading across the web has morphed with central bank interventionism.

Most, if not all, is just pure unadulterated junk. Although, some is adulterated and mightily so, but I digress.

For the record, I’m going to use a screenshot of one as an example. Please note that I’m not trying to be insulting or derogatory to Insider™ (formerly known as Business Insider) for sport. After all, I have had dozens of my own work grace its front page over the years.

However, that is now years ago, not only for myself, but others that may be categorized as “Doesn’t accept without research the generally accepted (and pushed) narratives of most media outlets.”

With that said, I also want to state that I am a paying subscriber to Insider. So, it’s not as if I still don’t have “A Dog in this fight.” as the old saying goes. Because, all that now “Premium” based insight behind its paywall is directly focused to keep people like me or others like me interested. (aka paying subscribers)

And yet, It’s morphed, just like most of the others in its category to about 90% banal vs 10% of maybe, it might be worth signing in to read.

So, how often do I sign in?

Over the past two years or so I have felt the need to sign in and use my paid-for privilege to read the “Premium” content available a total of, probably, 10 times in the last two years. And, I may be on the high side.

Below is a screenshot of the front page of Insider this morning at around 9:30AM ET, and here is the top story for “premium” content users. To wit:

(Image Source)

All I’m going to comment on is the headline. This person could be a super-duper Einstein-class math teacher and more. However, with that said, I’m now going to ask you a question, dear reader…

Do you think his success is based on his investing prowess using a “4 pillar” method?


Do you think his method really owes its success to one thing and one thing only? aka “BTFD (buy the f’n dip) because, the Fed’s got your back!”

This is indicative of the entire mainstream business/financial media today.

It’s paid-for banality on steroids. Pure and simple.

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