Addendum to: ‘So, They Have Your Back?’

Later during the day, after I posted the afore mentioned article, I received a note from a colleague saying to the effect:

“I went to their site and read they were needing to change the formulation because of the impacts for COVID. That sounds like a reasonable thing to me.”

I responded,

“It sure does, but then ask yourself, why wasn’t it needing to be addressed prior? You know, when the ‘markets’ were only going up with no chance or even a hint of ‘Tapering.’ Now, suddenly, it’s all no longer relevant? i.e., They didn’t just remove the forecast or tool going forward, but eliminated – all of it. You know, everything prior when the world never heard of the word COVID. Pure coincidence, I’m sure, right?”

I have yet to hear back any response from him. Just sayin’.

As always, we shall see.

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