Revisiting A ‘Crazy Talk’ Moment

When it comes to the entire subject regarding COVID and more, one thing has been both verboten, as well as, supposedly, an unassailable fact. i.e., Anthony Fauci’s possible prior knowledge, along with his possible approval and funding of any such “gain of function” research anywhere, and, at any time. Remember: It was animal to human transmission, possibly via some wet market or other such venue, was the official narrative.

Since the beginning, going back as early as January of 2020, I had argued on the MYTR Broadcast a very methodical premise as to just how COVID may have entered the populace, as well as what could have been different scenarios as to why. i.e., a lab release of intention or accidental, etc., etc., etc. But, more importantly: Why?

All hypothetical arguments, of course. However, everything is always “hypothetical” until the moment facts appear that either confirm or deny.

During the entirety of time for all of this the now mandated narrative has been: “Dr. Fauci is a living breathing demigod of Hermetic proportions related to medicine. And… he never had anything to do, or related to, any such “gain of function” research. Period. End of story.

Well, let’s recap a bit of what I was saying just back in April of this year. To wit:

The only reason why Dr. Fauci has been able to sidestep any and all “fact checking” as to whether money ($3.4Million reported) his affiliations via the NAID through EcoHealth has had anything to do with why there is a virus to begin with that shut the entire global economy down and house-jailed its population is for one reason, and one reason only…

Here’s the verbatim fact check dismissal. To wit:

Antony Fauci did not bypass any rules in granting funds to EcoHealth Alliance. Moreover, there is no proof that the virus originated in the lab. Also, there is no proof for claims that EcoHealth grant was involved in gain-of-function research.

Hint: Line two is all that matters – for it makes line one and three moot.“

F.T.W.S.I.J.D.G.I.G.T.” April 13, 2021

And here’s the summation I made to the above, again, to wit:

I believe, before this year ends, that the now “Teflon® smocked doctor” will find himself under a wave of allegations of scandal and become one of the most reviled people in a generation if not longer.

So why am I revisiting the above, today? Great question, here’s why…

The Intercept™ via a FOIA request (Freedom of Information Act) appears to have reported the proverbial “smoking gun” in regards to Mr. Fauci. i.e., He knew, he did and he’s been lying.

Whether you agree or not with their summation, is up to you. Just how far this goes from here is anyone’s guess. Will it be proven out that he was, indeed, lying before congress in his recent dust up with Sen. Rand Paul? Personally, I have no idea anymore.

What I do find absolutely astonishing, as well as fascinating, is this…

How this is not a front page story across every single media outlet globally can only mean one of two things, both of which have diametrically opposed implications.

First: it really isn’t what it appears to be (i.e., smoking gun) and said mainstream press outlets have correctly regarded it as something not worthy of replacing any Afghanistan stories for the time being.


It is absolutely the “smoking gun” with implications that could bring down the entirety of COVID narrative and the people who have been the face of “medical stability and authority” and – is actively being suppressed using any and all Afghanistan revelations to provide cover, for the time being.

It’s one or the other, there is no in-between, in my humble opinion.

As always, we shall see.

© 2021 Mark St.Cyr