MYTR Subscriber Update

After much thought concerning the website, as well as the MYTR Broadcast, I came to a decision, I believe, is both right and proper.

In regards to those of you that originally signed up as “MYTR Charter Members” when it first launched. Earlier in the year I sent out notice that I was extending your membership for another year free of charge. (That was when I thought we’d be back in February, my how time flies, yes?) I am now extending it even further.

To show my sincere appreciation to all of you (e.g., MYTR Charter Members) I have decided, rather than just extend for another year or something along that line, your membership (e.g., $299 yearly) will now be lifetime, for as long as you care to keep it. Non-transferable, of course.

In other words: Free, Always, No credit card required, No gimmicks, No nothing. Period.

There is nothing you have to do. You’re already set up in the system using the info you already submitted.

However, the system may ask you (since it’s been a while since many may have logged in and we’ve made changes in the back-end of the site) if you wish to “renew” when you log back in at a future date.

If it does, simply click “yes” and that should be about it. If there’s any issues such as: it won’t renew, or is asking for info other than you’ve already submitted, just email us through the “subscriber support” email and we’ll take care of it. Again, no credit card, additional info, or anything else is needed.

They’ll be a separate notification via the StreetCry team in the near future saying the same, but I just wanted to put this out over the holiday weekend early.

Please accept this as my way of saying thanks and how appreciative I am of all of you.

And, for those thinking: “Well, I guess he’s finally made a decision as to whether or not to continue.” Yes, yes I have. And, I wouldn’t have decided to do anything further if not for the loyal support of subscribers like you.

You’re the best. Once again, thanks too all.

More details to follow over the coming weeks so, stay tuned.

© 2021 Mark St.Cyr