As I Was Saying…

The other day I tried to break down what I felt will be an ever increasing and growing concern going forward in regards to Afghanistan via my business acumen.

All I want to demonstrate today, is what I laid out using the juxtaposition argument, and just how fast those ancillary issues can/will unfold. Here’s what I said. To wit:

However, we now are going to balance the hypothetical with the very real, where this gargantuan crisis of confidence is still increasing in severity by the day. Here’s why, first…

Think of other countries that are allies or trading partners. Think of them using our business example as the equivalent of suppliers, customers, creditors, competitive rivals and more. Guess what they’re all now doing? Hint: Rhymes with – seeking alternatives ways to either fulfill, suspend, sell or take market share of anything that you have dealings with.

“Crisis Of Confidence” Aug. 22nd

The following headline was just reported via the Financial Times™, again, to wit:

“Japan and Taiwan to hold talks to counter Chinese aggression.”

You might say, “Well that makes sense, these types of talks must always be happening in one form or another, correct?”

It’s a fair assumption, but here’s the real underlying issue that makes my point all the more credible.

“Japan and Taiwan currently do not have diplomatic relations.”

What hasn’t taken place nor, the overarching imperative at any point prior, was to have “diplomatic relations.” Note: for decades. Now, in less than 3 days after that press conference I based my hypothesis on – suddenly – they do.

As I also stated in that prior argument…

“…this gargantuan crisis of confidence is still increasing in severity by the day.”

We’re not even a week in.

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