MYTR/Website Update

I wanted to touch base on the current status of both the website and broadcast.

In previous releases via the website when it comes to how it would look, perform, and what would be available pertaining to membership, I was downright confident about what and when we would be launching. A new “official” launch is/was scheduled for September following the U.S. holiday of Labor Day.

My reasoning was: That time period is pretty much the “let’s get back to work” demarcation from the “lazy dog days of summer.” To say I was ready would be an understatement. But, right as I was about to lay it all out on the website: it happened.

“What?” you’re now asking. Hint – my worst fear, as I’ll explain…

Today (Saturday) I had intended to make the “Coming this September…!” announcement. We have been readying both the site, as well as new additions in equipment and other vendors to help facilitate access and reach for it.

Many of you have commented on the recent changes and look of the site as we’ve moved things around and built better web infrastructure. It’s been a task (never mind expense!) to do what we’ve done over these months. Mostly, It’s all infrastructure (site) upgrades and updates and some legal aspects (money, money, money, mo-neyyyyy!) that needed updating. And it was all about done, literally, 90% all in place. Just a few details that we needed to work out a bit further, that would almost take care of themselves.

Then, this week, my worst fears were realized.

Both the CDC as well as the administration here in the U.S., both declared, again, this week, that not only is masking coming back, but also, the near certainty for economic shutdowns reminiscent of what we just left only two months ago.

You can’t make this stuff up.

“When?” You ask. Good question, no one knows.

But, there is now enough public declarations coming from both the CDC, as well as the administration, that all of it is possible, now. Just like you over in the U.K and Australia are going through, once again.

It’s madness. And, you can not run a traditional business under these circumstances. (Remember: this site is not a vanity project, this en-devour is a business.)

This now uncertainty as to mask on, mask off, shut down, open up was hung this week like the Sword of Damocles over every business owners head. It is all but going to crush anything remaining in any sovereign economy based on independent business should this happen again. Especially so soon.

Maybe, saner heads will prevail, but it ain’t looking to good, is all I feel.

If they go down this now projected (Not to mention implying just that at every meeting and presser!) It would crush me and a whole lot of others before I/we even start, again. Maybe, even worse than it did when it all began and I/we shut down to reconfigure the first time.

I am, truly, sickened by these prospects. As I’m sure many of you across the globe are, also with what is happening in your own jurisdictions.

All of the hard work, let alone $’s, may now be down the drain with these newest revelations.

I just don’t know.

I, personally, have to now re-evaluate everything, once again. What’s worse: I now have to contemplate discarding things that I just finished putting many final touches on.

“What a f’n fiasco!” is all that keeps going through my mind.

I almost didn’t write this or anything at all today, for I am really ticked off. But, I felt it better to put it out there rather, then wait another day, week, or month till I either cooled down or threw in the towel.

It is – what it is.

To say I’m both ticked off, as well as thoroughly perplexed, would be an understatement.

I will continue to put out articles for the website as I see fit for the time being. It is also quite possible that September is still “a go,” with some modifications. I just don’t know is about as honest as I can be, currently. I’ll keep you posted on the how-and-why’s as it unfolds.

As of right now, that’s about all I can say except, to thank all of you that have both remained, as well those that have stumbled across the site as we’ve modified it.

Thank you, and I’ll keep you posted.


© 2021 Mark St.Cyr