The More Things Change…

In conversations concerning both my website and the broadcast, as to where they’re going and why. (Watch for a big announcement on all that later this month.) Many of these conversations seem to pause in time when I express the following in regards to certain aspects of content and why its always relevant, regardless of the times.

It goes something like this…

What most don’t fully appreciate, let alone truly understand, is that when it comes to business, self improvement, goal setting, dealing with other people, new ideas, news, politics and more. Nothing has really changed except for the man-made tools to communicate them.

Other than that – people are still dealing with the same inner struggles, political viewpoints, business challenges and more that we’ve all been facing for millenniums.

The old phrase “There’s nothing new under the sun.” is far more relative today as to understand just where one is and the challenges they need to overcome rather, than some mindset or viewpoint that is causing them indecision under the guise of “This time it’s different.” For, it is not.

The only thing “different” today than 5000 years ago, is one’s personal perspective as to why something matters or not. Period.

The reason why I’m bringing this up at this point in time, is for a news article that just came across my screens that helps endorse my viewpoint ever further.

For those of you that may be history buffs or, watched “Ancient Aliens” for the 4,264th time. When it comes to ancient, Egypt, you are probably well aware that every time a certain pharaoh or dynasty is explained, it goes hand in hand with depictions of faces being chiseled off certain rulers that, for whatever the reason, are said to have fallen out of favor or were revolted against.

We (or should I say “The Historians”) are always putting this or that theory as to explain why. They use examples of drought, famine, persecution, warring, religion and more. Lots more. However, it all could be as simple as people losing their collective minds in a political frenzy deciding to tear down anything and everything that came before – as – they are still fairly prosperous.

Think about that for a moment, for if one wants to look at today? We (as in collective “we” regardless of nation status) are just gutting anything and everything as its people (i.e., developed nations) are still fairly prosperous. And yes, we still seem to have food and water.

Here in the U.S., everything about its founding and the people that were responsible for it is being chiseled from history faster than a match can take out a document. Statues are being torn down, icons such as the Flag and more are now being hailed as symbols of oppression and must be eradicated. And that’s not even scratching the surface of what may be still to come.

However, it’s not just the U.S., which is why I deliberately used the term “still prosperous” for a quantifier. (Need I mention the “Markets?”) For, as I type this, Canada’s National Archive website has summarily decided it will erase (aka delete) the page for its first prime minister, Sir John Macdonald. In addition, demonstrators just days ago toppled statues of Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Victoria.

So, here’s the question I propose: What’s so different today than 5000 years ago other than the political viewpoint for cancelling history? I mean, other than what historians might view as “the cause?” For 5000 years from now they’ll probably, once again, look back at our time and say, “Hmmmm, more than likely drought, famine, etc.”

We’ll never know, just like the pharaohs, which I’ll garner are still trying to figure out in their after-life why the people that could read their writings within their tombs – as to not ever to be disturbed – subsequently removed them from said tombs and scattered them and their belongings across the globe to be put on display in some museum not fit for the dignity of their servants, never-mind ruler of their kingdoms. Imagine those conversations! But, I digress.

Maybe they’ll (the historians) just say: “There clearly was something in the water during these times. For there seems to be no record of exactly what happened during this time that survived after The Great Sun Spot Eruption of 4218 CE. And, the best we can surmise, is that it must have been drought or famine based like so many others.”

And we’ll all be in the after-life with the pharaohs as they point at us and say, Huh? Huhhh?!

I mean, no one truly knows unless they were there, right? I mean, drought and famine just doesn’t seem to fit today as we watch 5000 years of the eerily same responses repeated, and probably will be repeated, 5000 years hence.

Yet, here we are as that old saying goes: History may not be repeating, but it sure does seem to be rhyming.

Only this time with a bit of cowbell.

Think about it.

© 2021 Mark St.Cyr