Second Guess Me At Your Own Peril

In my last writing on what Bitcoin™ is doing and what it’s not, I gave a very clear example on what truly is happening within the “markets” in respect to the whole “crypto-thing.”

So, rather than rehash my arguments (also known as restating the truth). I’m going to do as one usually does and let a “picture” do the talking.

As a brief refresher of my overarching point, I stated, paraphrasing, “There is nothing happening in Bitcoin that can’t be done with ordinary stocks if you understand what you’re doing.” I then showed, using the most current “darling” known as AMC, just what that meant.

Now, less than 24hrs later it has proved my point even more, for as of this writing, if you were one of those “in the game” currently playing out, you would not only be beating everyone still HOLD (holding on for dear life) in Bitcoin. But, your winnings would have jumped 50% higher from a 20X to over a 30Xplus make that 40X (see addendum below). Yes, in just one day. To wit:

(Chart Source)

That said, just like cryptos…

Cashing out at those highs and keeping all that profit is quite another matter entirely.

Just ask those that took the “Pro Tip” to BTFD at $50Kplus in Bitcoin.

© 2021 Mark St.Cyr

Addendum: I no quicker posted the above and it went up another 50% on the day to just under $74.00 which would be 40X or what’s known in trading parlance as a “40 bagger!” Below is the updated chart. To wit:

(Chart Source)

Note: This is not trading or investing advice of any sort. This commentary is for “big picture” discussion purposes only. Please read, or re-read the “About This Site” page for any questions or clarifications.