Truth In Advertising

Of course, today, it’s very hard to miss the viewership numbers from last night Oscars®. It’s a little ironic that the viewership for reporting those numbers are dwarfing the actual viewership of the show.

Yes, not only were they bad – they were the worst ever.

The issue here is: as you break them out via category? Not only do they get worse, one might say, “horrifically so!” (Cue Jamie Lee Curtis scream here)

However, was anyone really surprised?

Everyone knew exactly what was going to be portrayed, what was not, and especially what was going to be on display more than what you’ll see on a silver screen. AKA “Woke-ism.”

Doesn’t matter if you wanted it, doesn’t matter if you didn’t. But everyone knew. And from the actors, all the way through the credit list to the Academy itself. All of it was turned up to “11.” No one should have been surprised. It was as “advertised.”

That is – unless you’re an advertiser that paid for your ads to be seen. In that case – you’re pretty bummed, miffed or both.

The ratings came in so low they could not even massage them up to double digits. Trust me when I tell you, when it comes to ratings and numbers for metrics for viewership to sell ads? I’ll bet dollars-to-doughnuts the paltry 9+million reported was itself – an inflated number.

However, when you hear someone ask, “Is anyone still in the “green room?” so they could add them, too, onto the tally? Someone probably said, “Stop, it’s over.” But that’s just me and the types of shenanigans I observed from my short stint in that business (advertising) years ago. Who knows, maybe things have changed, right? Right?

Yet, the issue here is not isolated to the overall viewership numbers. No, what’s far more instructive are the “demo” numbers, in particular the 25-54 year old set.

This is the most coveted set of both advertisers – and – it is the absolute demographic that encompasses the entirety of what is now colloquial known as the “Woke” set.

One would think that it would be this demographic that would be tuning in in droves to watch their “stars” talk about “their” issues writ large across the entire globe at one of Hollywood’s most prestigious and coveted events.

That thinking (which is also what I can only assume was what the advertisers were spending for in hopes of) would be not only wrong, but so wrong one can feel free to cue up another Jamie Lee scream here.

Here are the numbers…

This year vs last (which of itself held the record for its worst ratings ever) the ratings were down another, whopping 58% from last year, again, to reiterate, which was then already the worst ever.

But it gets better, or worse, if you will…

For the “Woke-est of Wok-est” demo, the 25-54 year olds: they were down 64%!

This means, that even the most receptive to this messaging, and, as everyone is told, this messaging means everything to this demo – two-thirds of them didn’t even bother from last year.

Advertisers, corporations, sports stars, teams and more are doing anything and everything to be “Woke” to this crowd via their advertising and messaging. And guess what…

If the numbers are true, then the newest adage to all this may become even truer…

“Go woke – and go broke.”

Truth in advertising “by the numbers” may never be more relevant.

© 2021 Mark St.Cyr