Website Update and a Bit More

I just wanted to drop a note to say things are going much slower than I anticipated, which always seems the way. Although there are always hiccups in regards to design and such the latest current hold up that needs to be resolved, concerns more of a legal issue that needs to conform to my metrics of “fixed.” Not someone else’s. (How many times have you been “assured” only to find out later it was anything but. Know what I’m saying here?)

I expect it to be “fixed” in another week or so, then we should be able to get back to repopulating the site in its new design and make further announcements.

You will see certain items update during this process, but the bulk of what needs to be done is now at the hands of “Legal” as they say, where their time clock seems to be on a very different timescale than mine. Surely, I would be hard-pressed to ever think it has to do with billing, right? Nah, that can’t be it. Never-happens, old-wives-tales about lawyers and billing stuff, I’m sure, right? Right?

On a side note…

When it comes to these “markets,” all I’ll add to the current machinations are the following:

If we don’t need an underlying economy to propel said “markets” into orbit…
Then why does anyone need to work, or even pay any taxes at all, if all one needs to do is print $Dollars ex nihilo?

I said that to a colleague the other day when he said to me “Mark, why don’t you just admit it, that you’re wrong concerning the markets?”

It’s a fair point, I have to admit. But what that would leave out is the following, for after he said the prior, I answered with this…

“Do you remember when your kids were young and believed in Santa Claus? Remember how real and fervently they held to that idea? Do you also remember just how much you tried to quell that expectation as they got a bit older and yet, they would not let it go? Then, one day – they knew, and it was over and they could never be convinced otherwise. The ‘magic’ as they say – was gone and gone forever in an instant. Remember that?”

The reply was: “Yeah, but what’s your point?”

I replied…

“Right now, it is you that’s acting and believing in the idea of Santa Claus ‘markets’ much like your children did prior. You wake up everyday and look under your portfolio ticker, much like a child looks under a tree, and everyday its a pony. Every. Single. Day.”

“And if there’s a day that goes by and there was no pony and you’re suddenly disappointed? Suddenly, out-of-the-blue you get two! Santa made up for the disappointment in spades.”

“This has now been going on for over a year. And all I’m trying to alert you to is that there is no Santa Claus. And the ‘Daddy’ that has been playing it known as ‘Santa Powell’ keeps maxing out the credit cards, only to have a new limit adjusted higher. At what point does the credit limit finally get shut off? Right now, no one knows, maybe never, who knows. But all I ask is this: What happens the day there’s not only – no more pony under the tree – in your portfolio? But worse – they start reclaiming all prior? Then what? Here’s a hint: remember your kids and how that worked out?”

Folks, that’s precisely where we are now. Trying to convince anyone there is “No Santa” as they, once again, look under the tree and see another new pony – is just a lesson in futility.

This is what a near doubling of the Fed’s balance sheet in 12 months, $120Billion ongoing per month in QE, and $1.9 Trillion in more government spending gets you. And we’re now talking another possible $2 to $4 Trillion more by summer!

But, again, I ask: Which is the better way to attack life?

Thinking like an adult?

Or, acting like a child?

If you listen, watch or read what’s currently being told/sold in the mainstream business/financial media. All I can relate is that they’ve totally given up on any “thinking” aspect and now are full-throated children fantasy “news” rags. Why?

Well, the “markets” are now supposedly looking at everything from the vantage point of the upcoming “Christmas in July!” celebration. Everyone’s then gonna get three ponies! They’re just sure of it, and after all, Santa never disappoints, right?


© 2021 Mark St.Cyr