I Wish This Was A Joke

As I type this the S&P 500™ is now propelling to ever-the-higher highs, breaking into territory once deemed impossible to people that argued 2+2=4 as correct in days of yore.

Well, not anymore.

Record unemployment, record numbers on government assistance, $Trillions in direct stimulus, $Trillions more in government spending, a need to extend evictions months more because so many would be rendered homeless for non-payment of rent and mortgages, businesses across the U.S. still needing to operate at more than half reduced capacity, convention and travel years away from even reaching break even status, an increase back to record breaking taxes, and the list goes on longer than I have digital ink to cover it.

Who knew all this “bad” would be so fantastic for the “markets?”

Is there any wonder why I finally threw my hands up? It’s all pure lunacy. Or, as Bill Gates latest sponsored school curriculum advocates and is a prime example of all this craziness: 2+2= __________(whatever you decide). Yet, I wonder if those learning this method will be suitable for a job at Microsoft™? You know, where ones and zeroes must add up perfectly and proper or else stuff don’t work. But I digress.

You just can’t make this stuff up. And on a day like April Fool’s? You have to make sure people don’t, for it’s the reality of the day. It’s all now just a bit too surreal in the aggregate.

I have said many times over the last few weeks, more than prior, to friends and colleagues that when the writers of history look back at this time and try to evaluate it as to explain it, all they’ll be able to come up with is…

“What the h*ll were these people thinking?”

My only retort would be: What is this thing “thinking” you speak of?

© 2021 Mark St.Cyr