MYTR – Website Update

I just wanted to personally say, although it can/may look like we’ve (or I’ve) been lackadaisical in our process as to get everything back up and running in a way that makes sense for this time and current economic climate. I would like to assure all of you, that is far from the case.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been sorting out a myriad of wholesale changes to the technical side, as well as approaches, to just where and how further content will be accessed.

Believe me when I tell you, I’ve spent countless hours, days and more (not to mention funds) reviewing and working through countless “new and improved” versions of this, that, or another thing regarding back-end type stuff.

So much so, I think I can call myself “a coding expert” via the osmosis process having all this “how it works” explained to me, while its being demonstrated. And every-time someone proposes “This will fix that!” I interject with “But does it allow or do that?” Then – everything goes quiet, and a new date gets set to “Review the newest update to the update.”

It’s all been a bit maddening to say the least, but that’s life in the big city. Right?

So, with that above said, let me make two announcements that I have signed off on, yet, they are not fully “Ready for prime-time.” as the saying goes. Consider this just another form of “heads up” as they say, so you aren’t surprised when that other truism in business rears its ugly head, which is…

Just when you think you’ve got it all right – it all totally crashes, sh#ts the bed, and causes the gnashing of teeth and screaming to the sky so vehemently – the heavens look down themselves and ponder “Holy crap now that’s what I call a real mess!”

So, with all that out of the way…

First: Over the coming weeks the entire website will transform in both appearance, content access and more. This was a very scary proposition for me, but to do the things I want, it needs a better structure and technical architecture.

If for some reason you come to the website and it is down or glitchy, please bear with us. It’s part of the process and for the best going forward. At least I hope.

Second: Access to the website is going full “Subscription Only.” This means all content both new and prior. Let me explain…

For those of you that have been subscribers for some time, you know full well my hesitancy when it has come to putting a “Pay wall” or any other type of wall concerning all my content over the years.

That “content” now covers more than a decade and much of it has been used across the web on other media sites, blogs, social-media platforms and more. I’ve always been hesitant that if I were to put up that “wall” it would break back-links and other types of things and could potentially alienate those that “clicked” only to find they can no longer view it, even though it was once, as they say, “free to view.”

I have decided that concern is no longer applicable, for the reasoning, since “big tech” mercilessly shadow bans, outright bans, demonetizes, de-platforms, ______________(fill in your own here) and continues to do so to who knows who’s next (e.g., left, right, middle and anything between). I’m holding myself and website hostage (not to mention paying) to things I no longer need. i.e., the needed ability to section this part this way, this part another way, this part email subscriber, this paying subscriber, this part legacy, this part… etc., etc., etc.

It was all getting a bit much. And the damage to many of the sites, blogs and others that carried my work over the years – they’ve basically been cancelled or given up on their own en devours and moved on. Not to mention a goog’ search basically renders jack-squat of any or all of my material any longer.

It was shown (more like proven) to me, that in reality, they (e.g., “big tech”) had already made this decision for me a few years back and it has been out of my hands for sometime.

I was thinking I was doing “The right thing” in my head, but in reality, the evidence was not compelling – it was clear, and most of you reading here know this by examples I’ve expressed over these years. So a decision had to be made, it was either “Do this and you can do that.” Or, do that and you can’t do this.” Things such as my thoughts based on my technical analysis and charts should alone have been behind a wall, years ago, but that’s “all water under the bridge” as they say. (I’m currently seeing others charging what many deem “big money” for just that alone that are positively juvenile in comparison. But then again, I am biased, right? Sorry, I digress.)

So, we’re on to doing “this.” It makes sense. So here we go.

MYTR subscribers do not need to do anything. Your access to the site and content is just as before, however, you’ll now (when we “flip the switch”) need to be signed in to view.

Email subscribers will be notified how to gain access to certain aspects of the site. i.e., there will be a “Free” access version to certain content, but we’ll announce that when its ready. So watch your in-boxes in the coming weeks.

The only content that will be available to non-subscribers will be content I deem as to grow our subscriber base working on the ‘Free sample” structure.

That’s about it, as I said prior, I just wanted to give everyone an update. And as always…

Thanks to all of you, and here’s to looking ahead!

© 2021 Mark St.Cyr