For Those That Like To Second Guess Me

This is a bit of an addendum, to my last addendum, to my latest “Speaking Frankly…” article. (As I said in the latest: it’s getting hard to keep up!)

I do this only to make the point a bit more clearer for those that may have a tendency to second guess me. As I half-jokingly say on the show “You do that at your peril.” Here’s why…

I made the statement that even if you don’t do politics – it does not matter. If you say anything, about anything, concerning anything pertaining to taxes or a government policy, again – anything! You’re going to be a target and it’s only a matter of time. No one one is safe. Today’s latest?

It’s Dave Ramsey, the popular radio host and “financial guru.”

Why? Easy: He dared speak his mind about his thoughts concerning any stimulus payments to individuals. i.e., What it really might mean if $600 changes your life.

You don’t have to agree with him, but what he was saying, i.e., from a philosophical approach to one’s state of finances and what you should or should not be focusing on. Wasn’t dissimilar from anything that he has stated a million times prior in one form or another.

But the times as Bob Dylan intoned – “they are a chain-gin.” And what he has now been deemed to have done via the SMCCM (social-media cancel-culture mob) is: Engaged in poor shaming.

So, now they’re (SMCCM) coming after him, in ways, I don’t think even he fully understood, let alone, ever anticipated.

Currently the SMCCM are still melting down across social media (also media outlets) about his audacity. However, now, within 24hrs, something else just seems to have been reported…

Suddenly a Nashville television station is out-of-the-blue (funny how that happens, no?) that Mr. Ramsey’s company fired an employee for (wait for it…) her husband criticized his company for holding a “mask-less holiday party.”

Now here’s where things get interesting from my perspective and what I feel are germane points to my prior article.

First: This story hit the wires (or television screens) under 24 hours of this writing. Since then it has already been updated with what appears to be pictures from the event. You know, can’t have a good COVID scandal today without pictures of mask-less villains, right?

Second: What I found fascinating is as I was doing a search for a few things out of my initial curiosity, was when I did a goog’ search and lo and behold there up at the top of my query was a Wikipedia™ result. Nothing out of line there you may say, because he’s had one for a long time, why wouldn’t it, does for everyone of his status, right? Well…

What caught my eye is something that slips by most, because, I’m a little more in-tune to look for these types of subtleties. And what popped out to me was there was a time stamp that’s to show when it was last updated. Guess how long ago it was updated? Hint: within the last 13hours. What would be something that would make an editor at Wikipedia rush right over and get on his page?

Hint: what is the worst offense today across all of media, let alone social? Starts with: not wearing a….

(Screen shot of Google search result, highlight mine)

The above is a screenshot I did to highlight the time. So, what would be added so quickly? Again, hint: think “controversy.” Here’s what I believe was added, because, after all, this story just broke less than 24 hours ago so how did it get here so fast?

“What am I talking about?” you ask? Good question, how about this. Again, to wit:

(Screenshot Dave Ramsey’s Wikipedia page. Highlight mine.)

Funny how that got there so fast, yes? You think Mr. Ramsey or “his team” did it? Another hint: I bet dollars to doughnuts it was not. But that’s just me.

But then again, if you want to see what a top search brings up, just look at the latest. Once again, to wit:

(Screen shot via Google search)

It would appear that suddenly Mr. Ramsey is the host of quite a bit of bad press, as well as publicity.

Funny how that suddenly happens when you’ve said nothing different than what you have nearly your whole career. But to quote Mr. Dylan one last time…

“You don’t need a weather man to know which way the wind blows.”

But, you do now need to understand the political climate. And, sadly, I don’t think Mr. Ramsey fully understands that this thing is not going to be over quickly, and may end up taking a toll he never thought possible. I hope not, but the headlines and updates seem to show something other is now in play.

© 2021 Mark St.Cyr