(For Those Who Say I Just Don’t Get It… Get This)

Here’s something I stated back in October of 2016. When I did, let’s just say, I was told this would have a very minor impact to the viewing or anything else regarding “The game” because, “The game is bigger than politics.” Here’s how I started off that article. To wit:

There was a time when tuning into a sporting event meant just that: a sporting event. However, now? Sporting events have turned into nothing more than political platforms, sporting better venues, camera coverage and sideline commentary. Oh yes, and a little sporting activity once known as “the game” as to fill in any remaining dead air.

Today, nationally broadcast sporting events have become nothing more than events to be hijacked by the political topic of the day. But maybe “hijacked” is not the correct word. For I’m of the opinion in many such instances – they are either encouraged, are by design, or both. Depending on which political football is to be thrown onto the field of play.

“How To Kill A Brand: Just add the political football” October, 2016

So why is something nearly 5 years old relevant today? Fair question, and it is this, Again, to wit:

Super Bowl Viewership Fumbles To 15-Year-Low

“…the 55th Super Bowl distinctly had the smallest network audience since the very different TV era of 2006.” 

“Super Bowl Viewership Drops To Multi-Decade Low…” Deadline Feb. 9, 2021

Now I know there will be some that will make the argument “Yeah, but streaming was at a record high, so what about that?!” To which I will state…

Streaming was up 69% YoY to 5.7 million. Sounds just fantastic, that is, if you’re not being honest about comparable metrics, because an increase of, let’s say, two or three million from last year that may have “cut the cord” and now watch via streaming, is a mere drop in the bucket compared to the nearly 10 million that didn’t watch this year compared to last. Add that to the same happening now going on 4 years? That equals 10’s of millions that not only left, but are continuing to leave with no sign of coming back.

And I didn’t even mention the rationale that was once given that viewership would likely go up in this time of COVID since barely anyone can attend. That is now, as they say – ancient history.

This year alone we also saw something that was once thought impossible…

Pepsi® didn’t participate, Budweiser® neither.

How long before the stadiums themselves can no-longer participate because their own business models are all but destroyed? Let alone…

Player salaries.

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