(For Those That Want To Know… what I’m watching)

Since November of last year I’ve been chronicling via a chart the what-and-where of the “markets” and more. Below is an updated version of that same chart, notated. It pretty much speaks for itself. Meaning: It (the markets) have now signaled there is real possible trouble at hand via a technical perspective aka as “real chart damage.”

Where it goes from here is anyone’s guess, because a guess is all it is. However, that “guess” now employs very calculable odds – and they are not good.

As I iterated, the chart speaks for itself, where I believe the focus for clues should be placed, each has an escalating importance for warning signals. It is represented by the S&P 500™ as of today’s Monday morning opening. To wit:

(Chart Source)

As always, we shall see.

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