And Then They Understood

I thought in light of my brevity for any new articles or audio I would share an exchange I just had with one of the people working behind the scenes here on the website. Today was “that day” when everything I said prior that was marginalized, or just basically glossed over, suddenly became front and center where it was they that suddenly went “Wait..what?”

In this day of “the internet of everything” it’s very easy for those involved as, let’s say, “their job” to listen to things that I (or maybe even you) may say or describe and just brush it off as “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Everyone says or thinks that, but it’s really not like that.” i.e., Think the auto-mechanic as you try to say “Every-time I do this – this happens.” Then they do it, and do it again, then again, and still it doesn’t happen, only to then send you on your way to reach home and…

You guessed it.

Well today something happened that suddenly made them understand just what I’ve been telling them prior, which they, (read: are being paid) are suppose to help overcome. They originally thought it was just, for lack of a better word: bulls#it. That is until today, and it was this.

Many of you that have been reading my work or subscribing to the broadcast know full well my lamenting when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization) and other internet “must do’s” that are told/sold by many a internet huckster.

Now, it’s not that I don’t believe there are things that should be done and so forth that can and does work, that’s just smart business. But it’s the “crushing it” mentality and self-professed “gurus” selling this that and any other thing that I take issue with, for as I’ve said “It’s all bulls#hit!” Because if it wasn’t – I could use it, and probably would!

I’ve also said ad nauseum that I could give these so-called “gurus” a $Million to help me and it would be money down the drain. Why? Because you can’t help someone that’s been targeted to be relegated to the digital ghetto by what we now call “Big Tech.”

Albeit spending a $Million would make some difference, I’m not stupid. But what I am saying is this: You would not be able to deliver to me – the same you delivered to someone else, which makes the exercise moot. And if you could not do it for me – then you can’t do it for others that may be having the same restrictions (black box type) imposed upon them. (i.e., think Parler™ as the latest, most glaring example )

So now you’re wondering “OK, so what happened?” Good question, and it was this…

Although today is Sunday, as I write this, the traffic to my website – all day, repeat, all day (for the past 24hrs) has been, wait for it…


That’s what had the person I referred to prior stunned. i.e., They couldn’t believe it.

They thought the website was down, that something must have gone wrong, that they messed something up – but they didn’t. The reason why this was so stunning to them is: that for someone who’s been on the web as long as I have, has as many published articles as I have, on the largest media sites bar none, around the globe – this is just unheard of.

And yet – there it is.

As I have said on the show prior to going on this hiatus, this was one of the reasons why I no longer publish articles purposely for the media any longer. For, if I do?

No matter how non-political I try to be, it doesn’t matter. If it’s run on what “they” deem as any news site they consider out of fashion I am immediately penalized and mightily so.

For those that may not recall, as I iterated before we went off, two of my latest articles had gone viral, one greatly so. And what happened? As I described then and is still the same – my results in a goog’ search has been wiped off the top spot (where it’s been for over a decade) to just low enough that you don’t see it unless you scroll down, which is almost as good as not being on it at all.

Again, traffic that most would “die” for and takes a primary audience of 10’s of millions to generate secondary and tertiary confirmation metrics which we document as to not kid ourselves. This one example alone would blast most rankings toward the stratosphere and many spend gazillions of $Dollars trying to do just that. I’ve been doing it now for almost a decade. And just the latest examples are only a month or two old. And my rankings – with near immediacy?

Lower, as in – much, much, much lower.

Imagine that. Welcome to the power of shadow banning as I’ve been saying now going on years. When I was first describing it and warning of it, everyone thought it was all bullsh#t. Today? Well, everyone now knows about it, but still very few truly understand it. But there is some good news today…

The people working behind the scenes on my website now understand just what it is, not only that I’m dealing with – but now – they’re dealing with. Because it’s their job to overcome it. (i.e., read: get paid) So now they seem to understand a bit more clearly what I first described to them. Funny how that happens, no?

Just to clarify for those that may not fully comprehend why this is some sort of issue to begin with, for it’s easy to think “Well, you’re not putting out content for subscribers so why would they come knowing you’re not putting out anything new during this time?” And that’s a worthy observation, but here’s the real gist of that why…

I have nearly a decades worth of content not only on the web, but also on some of the largest media sites in the world and pertaining to some of the most pertinent topics of not just that day, but are still relevant today. Just from simple search engine quires into differing topics my site would see decent traffic from around the world. Now?

It’s as if I’m that tree in the proverbial forest that everyone asks “Does it make a sound?”

Hint: not if they’ve burned the entire forest around it first.

And since I’m talking about the site, all I can say about how well everything is going is this: it’s going. Not half as good as I want in some areas, and better than I expected in others. But it’s all still a very fluid and in some ways (as I’ve hinted at above) obstacle laden path that still needs to be, at the least, smoothed out. And one of those “obstacles” I warned of prior suddenly made the team say “Crap, I thought that was a myth!”

Now they understand. So it’s moved from the conceptual, to now, let’s see what they do about it.

I’ll keep you posted with more – as I know more.

© 2021 Mark St.Cyr