Website Updates and Changes

The Process has begun!
What you are viewing currently is not what the final site layout or look will be.
This is only the initial step aka “The foundation process.”
It allows the site to be viewed and/or navigated as the building
process gets implemented one “floor” at a time.

Please excuse any hiccups that will surely occur.

The team is still hard at work figuring out what front-end + back-end updates and other changes should be addressed. However, here are two that will be taking place. Those wanting to know how and why I came to these decisions can read about it (here).

First: Over the coming weeks the entire website will transform in both appearance, content access and more. This is a definitive change with better structure and technical architecture. During this process if you come to the website and it is down or glitch ridden, please bear with us. It’s part of the process.

Second: Access to the website is going full “Subscription Only.” This means all content both new and prior.

MYTR subscribers do not need to do anything. Your access to the site and content is just as before, however, you’ll now (when we “flip the switch”) need to be signed in to view.

Email subscribers will be notified how to gain access to certain aspects of the site. i.e., there will be a “Free” access version to certain content, but we’ll announce that when its ready. So watch your in-boxes in the coming weeks.

Again, please pardon any glitches that will inevitably arise during the process.

Thanks for your patience.

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