A Curious Dichotomy

At this moment in history one has to be overly-cautious when expressing anything concerning the political. However, from a purely observational standpoint through a business focused lens, I believe, I can express the following without throwing myself into the quagmire. The reason being, it’s a business centric observation overlayed on the political backdrop of the moment. i.e., it’s about the overlay – not the backdrop.

Again, to be clear, I always view I’m doing my “job” correctly when I discuss anything containing the political from a completely political-agnostic viewpoint. Meaning: I don’t profess, preach or try to declare or know which side is correct in any political argument. That’s not my “job.” What is my job on the show and throughout my writings, is what any political action is and means to business. For if I’m doing it correctly one shouldn’t be able to discern my own political leanings as many subscribers and others can attest to. (But that doesn’t mean I won’t be blamed or accused of exactly that! It’s been maddening at times.)

So, with the above stated, I would like to describe a curious dichotomy when it comes to many business leaders, thought leaders, elite business consultants and more that I both know, read or listen to for their viewpoints. Doesn’t mean I agree with all of them, but when it comes to their thought processes, I have respect and want to discern those observations on my own for either outright dismissal, agreement or something in-between.

Over the past week, however, there’s now a in sync chorus where prior there has been absolute silence. This is the dichotomy that I’m addressing.

Currently, many of these voices that proclaim to be “business leaders” or “leading edge” consultants, advisors and so forth seem to be running over anyone or anything (their own mothers included) to get on the closest camera, microphone or keyboard to spout their views and outright disdain for what happened in Washington, D.C.

Although I agree with the underlying argument for vehement denouncement (i.e., the storming of the Capital, destruction and so forth) what I find quite bemusing is how there has been absolute silence from this same cohort (both then and currently) when businesses were not only continually shut down, but many major city downtown centers and businesses were burned, looted and more for now nearly a year.

Again, to this I did not see, read or hear a word from this same so-called “business thought leader elite.” (and I was looking) The silence has been deafening. However, now? As I iterated prior – be careful you’re not between them and any media platform.

Some of these same “thought leaders” that I usually categorize as “peers” have also now resorted to absolute political bias and demagoguery. It’s absolutely stunning to me just how unfiltered the diatribe from this cadre has suddenly become. Again, I have or take no issue with their political vitriol, who knows, maybe I even agree with it. But that would and should be for private conversation and does not belong in the discourse using their “expert” platform for both reasoning and rationalization. It’s unethical if not just plain stupid. Here’s why…

Many of you that have been with me for awhile may remember me explaining why I can’t watch most of the mainstream business/financial media any longer using the example of one day watching a Bloomberg™ television broadcast, where the host (someone at that time I also had high respect for but then lost) told viewers that we had to listen to their guest’s opinion and summations not because they were well thought through, researched, etc. etc.. But for the solo fact: they were “a Democrat.”

Now before many of you recoil believing “Ah ha! See, I knew it, you must be a __________!” (fill in the blank) You would be wrong. For maybe I agreed with the discussion. But that’s missing the integral point, which is…

It doesn’t matter if I, or some “expert” is a democrat, republican, independent, penguin, what ever unless the discussion is politically based, which this one was not. And in suggesting so colored anything going forward as politically biased analysis, rather than an argument standing on its proper merits.

The idea that I (or you for that matter) need to listen and take one’s idea, or something other, based upon their political affiliation, rather than the basis of the argument – is absolutely preposterous.

Today, I feel as if I’m being bombarded with much the same, with the same resulting conclusions. Or said differently…

I now can’t look at many of my former “peers” and their analysis without first wondering: is this a conclusion of expertise or political bias? And when I need to start filtering such?

Their “Expert, Thought Leader” status, in my purview, is no longer expert thought or leading anything other than political bias pile on.

The truly disheartening aspect to the above, again, from my perspective, is much like I had to do with the mainstream business/financial media which was…

I can no longer look, read or listen to them in the same way, for their credibility, in many ways, has now been tarnished. All for the reason – they couldn’t keep their political bias in check.

This is a glaring example of when smart people do dumb things. And I know I’m not the only one that’s noticing. I believe there will be repercussions to both their credibility, as well as “personal brand” going forward.

Interesting times indeed.

© 2021 Mark St.Cyr