The McConnell Debacle: How The RINO’s Lost The Country

As the dust settles in Georgia following the senate runoff, only to be replaced with what may turn out to be nothing more than a tempest-in-a-tea-pot political exercise in Washington as the electoral college process unfolds [note: in regards to the political process, not the protest]. I would like to take this opportunity to breakdown, in simple terms, the genesis behind what many “republicans” are awakening to. i.e., No one in Georgia (relative term) turned out to save their (RINO) version of the republic. Or, said differently – Mitch McConnell’s “business as usual” resulting debacle.

You could see this coming not from just a mile away, but from Jupiter. And it all appeared with laser-light focus the day the Senate Majority Leader (soon to be ex) took to the media to proclaim his obstinance to increasing the $600 stimulus payment to $2000 with these words, and I quote:

“Borrowing from our grandkids to do socialism for rich people is a terrible way to get help to families who actually need it,” McConnell said.

Now, whether you are a republican, democrat, independent or whatever. The political calculus to make such a statement as both him and the entire RINO (republican in name only) class settled on a “stimulus” bill that was loaded with so much pork and giveaways that only the pig Napoleon of “Animal Farm” fame (George Orwell, 1945) would have endorsed such a debacle, was idiotic at best, maddening at worst.

Yet, both Mr. McConnell, and all that followed his lead, were hogging it up to the media to defend their actions. It was pure unadulterated hogwash and political swill that was insulting to even a political novice, which just so happens to be – 100% of the American populace that has been forced by government ordered shutdowns into unemployment status, or worse – bankruptcy.

But they are far from the only one’s that understood. And the results of precisely that were made manifest in Georgia.

Now let me be clear: although this is a political argument, I’m not arguing my point from a political bias. I only discuss politics from the standpoint of how any pending, proposed or current political legislation will effect businesses. exp: You may or may not like any political side or candidate, but much like the IRS, it doesn’t matter. It they declare you owe or don’t – can open or not – this new law now applies or not, it doesn’t matter. You either comply or close. Period.

And business, and just to clarify – any and all business, everywhere, is about to change in ways that will make the last 12 months look like a cakewalk. However, all that “how” is for another time. Let’s stay with both the why and more importantly – why it happened.

Regardless on what side of the political spectrum you reside, one thing has now become an incontrovertible fact: The United States of America’s three branches of government are now fully under the auspices of a socialist embracing political ideology, both willing and eager, to make all that implies into the law of the land, with no oppositional resources to even slow it, never-mind, stop it.

This political revelation was made not only possible, but just made manifest by Mr. McConnell and that other set of “barnyard animals” known as “RINOs” with their defiant clarion call for opposition to their prioritized prerogatives. Yet, it was also the silence of many of this same set that was deafening. To once again quote “Animal Farm…”

“Several of them would have protested if they could have found the right arguments.” 

~George Orwell, Animal Farm

Arguing to give taxpayers some of their money back to help them weather the forced political shutdowns? Not a peep. Arguing the splendor as to give said taxpayers dollars to foreign countries and interests? Anyone that was between a camera, microphone or keyboard was trampled much like their moniker (RINO) implies.

And that is all one needs to know.

Not only did McConnell and crew not have a clue about the possible ramifications – they didn’t care. And it showed. But what was far far worse in all this, was the argument now being made by this same cohort, that people needed to vote in Georgia to secure their power – or else.

Guess what was the argument that made the case against “or else?” Hint: there wasn’t one.

All people thought of was…

“Or else, what? More of what you’re (or not) giving me while you continue to argue why every other entity is more equal to my tax dollars that I am? And then you want me (relative term) to go out and vote all over again to solidify you with that power in what many feel are rigged circumstances? All as you call anyone that raises legitimate objections ‘conspiracy theorists?’ How bout this – F.U. I’m done. I might not fully be able to anticipate everything that may or may not happen next, but what I do know with full resolve is this: I’ll deal with whatever comes next, regardless of what it is, because the RINO way of political rule needs to go extinct.”

And as of this moment – That is political reality. Full stop.

RINOs will be lucky to even be allowed in legislative sessions going forward, never-mind voicing any opposition to anything. e.g., They’re now not only useless to the Republic, their only usefulness will be for their hides as trophies to clean the shoes of the new power structure that now replaces them. All done by their own hands, deservingly so.

Again, just to clarify, whether or not you were for the increase in the stimulus payment from $600 to $2000, doesn’t matter. It was in the manner and form that Mr. McConnell and the RINO wing declared their opposition and reasoning, all while defending all that pork (aka tax payer $dollars) to go to everyone and everywhere but to the people that provide it. (e.g., taxpayers.) All while they decried “Republicans need to vote in Georgia or else we lose the Senate, therfore the country!”

What the RINO class didn’t take into account was the now resulting fact of their actions…

Republicans in Georgia didn’t need to vote, once again, or they would lose their country.

The RINOs proved to them they already had.

© 2021 Mark St.Cyr