Maybe It’s Just Me, But…

Call me a conspiracy theorist if you like (oh wait, the entirety of the mainstream media has already done that so, never-mind) however, there seems to be a pattern re-emerging that’s a bit difficult to just simply ignore as random.

It seems to be just a bit particular that the moment any “not government approved protest or celebration” takes place is precisely the same time a sudden “We’re all going to die because Covid cases are on the rise! So get ready to shelter in place, close everything down and more!!” appears. All this because some doctor that’s changed his or her position more times on Covid’s lethality than I change my socks is on the television saying so. (Paging, Dr. Fauci…)

For me: This is all getting just a bit too hard to swallow anymore.

You’re seeing it in France, U.K., Hong Kong, U.S., __________(fill in your own here) at precisely the same time, when only days prior, many of these same places were returning to some idea that some sort of normalcy was right around the corner. Maybe a vaccine? Oh, yeah! Looks like we got that!! Oh wait, that now seems to indicate lock downs more substantial, and for longer, starting at any moment.

See what I mean?

It’s not like I’m saying Covid is some form of hoax. I get it. However, as I keep reminding people I have discussions with pertaining to the lock-downs and the survival of their businesses in the wake of all this medical tyranny. The same question keeps coming up again, again, again and again. And that is…

Where are all the mass graves, 24hr running crematories, bodies in the streets and more that this type of economic suicide was told/sold to us, which warranted such a response to begin with?

And now we’re being ordered to expect we are more than likely to do it again?

Something stinks – and it ain’t just the laundry.

© 2020 Mark St.Cyr