(For Those That Want To Know) what I’m watching.

As I’ve stated on the show these past few days when it comes to the “markets,” I no longer have any interest in trying to anticipate, speculate or any other analysis pertaining to them. The reason is pretty simple as I’ve now seemed to have explained ad nauseam:

There is nothing left to explain except they are in fantasy land, and will remain there, until they are not. Period.

Yep, that’s really about it. Personally, I’m actually quite relieved, however, not for the reasons most might think. In actuality the more these “markets” remain in “Loonyville” the more problems it’ll cause once the hopium crashes. But until then?

It is what it is – because – it is what it is. End of story.

Now for those that might be wondering what will get my attention drawn back, here’s an updated chart of the one I’ve basically been using that I’ve cleaned up, re-annotated, and put a few different lines or boxes. It basically speaks for itself. To wit:

(Chart Source)

If the “market” remains above that box between now and the end of the year, all I can say is: Enjoy the ride. Why?

The bastions of hopium, lunacy and fantasy have coalesced into quite the reality altering cocktail that would make any of the characters in Wonderland ask “Geez…what are they smoking?”

Or as any of my favorite Looney Tune® characters might say, until then…

“That’s all folks!”

© 2020 Mark St.Cyr

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