When Hair Splitting Is Warranted

There’s an old saying that goes along the lines of “Not to be splitting hairs, but…” Its intent is to bring back into the conversation a bit of reality to those that may be getting ahead of themselves. In other words – yes, it sure does look that way, but it is not finalized, as of yet. e.g., U.S. presidential election.

A general comparison would be a deal made between two parties, yet, the contract has yet to be signed. i.e., It is not a “done deal.” Anything can happen, and usually does. Here’s an example…

If you go around saying you just purchased the Brooklyn Bridge, even if you gave the other party the cash in advance, you’re going to look pretty foolish if you start constructing toll booths to enhance your “purchase” before any legal deed is officially signed and filed.

Which brings me to today’s splitting of hairs.

Currently Mr. Biden is the presumptive winner of the presidential election – not the declared, certified, legal winner, again, as of yet. Some may think this semantics, but I remind you to go back to my Brooklyn Bridge analogy, because it fits. i.e., Until you have the deed – you’ve got squat. Regardless of what you or anyone else claims. Period.

The issue here is that it’s dangerous to go about articulating exactly what you’re going to do, along with your now presumed powers to enforce them, and not yet have said “deed” in hand. People, businesses, governments et. al. will react and move in accordance to what they believe is an assumptive reality based on the illusion “Well, if he’s saying it, it must be so!” Even if it’s not.

Here’s why I’m saying this…

Currently, Mr. Biden himself has taken the notion that the media is the arbiter of the election, not the certification process by the electors as mandated by the constitution. He may very well be the “president elect” after the process of legal challenges run their course. But (and it’s a very big but) until then he is “The Presumptive President Elect.” Not the other.

The idea of the “President Elect” going around making statements about how legislation and more was going to be enacted as if they were the current president was never seen until Mr Obama in what, at the time, seemed like an orchestrated rush to nullify then president, G.W. Bush.

Every time Mr. Bush had a press conference (which was a lot because of the then financial crisis) Mr. Obama made one with a matching podium and presidential seal. The only difference was if you looked close you would see the word “elect” was inserted.

Never before was anything like that seen. The only difference between then and now is Mr. Obama was the certified winner, not presumptive. And as long as that was the case, even if it was unseemly, one could still argue that he had the right. Mr. Biden as of this moment does not. And it’s not just unseemly, I believe, it’s downright dangerous to claim to the world at large you are the declared, certified winner of the most powerful office in the world – and yet there’s no signed deal.

Again, you can be republican, democrat, independent, penguin, whatever. It doesn’t matter. This is not the time to be playing “Fake it till you make it.” And right now to claim it while the process is still playing out is not just wrong, but as I said: outright dangerous.

Here’s why I make the following argument. To wit: (non-working screen shot)

(Non working screenshot via Twitter™)

As you can clearly see in the lower right hand corner it states “Office of the President Elect” and is now present everywhere Mr. Biden makes a statement. Again, you may think I’m splitting hairs, but to that I would ask only one further question…

I still have some wonderful ocean front property in KY I’d love to let you take off my hands super, super cheap. Cash only because it’s such a great deal.


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