Don’t Just Watch But Interpret Differently

I received a call today from a college to discuss one of my assertions when it came to negotiation tactics at apex levels. What he was asking me to qualify further (actually, more like taking issue with) was when I said that the current stimulus negotiations had been turned on its ear and the president just moved the onus off his shoulders and put it squarely on Ms. Pelosi’s.

This simple negotiating tactic i.e., calling something off entirely, out-of-the-blue, then saying you may be open to further discussions, is something that happens at high level, high stakes negotiations everyday. It’s just that most people (especially politicians) never deal with such. But, in business, it’s more common than common, which is why I had stated and explained it on the show today.

However, I also said something else that I needed to remind him of, where I said “Don’t think for a second the other side is not aware of these tactics, it’s just who dares use them first, because Ms. Pelosi is far from any slouch when it comes to getting what she wants.” And then I said the following…

Do you think Ms. Pelosi is making the call for the 25th amendment action because she wants to apply this to Mr. Trump? Or, do you think the party elders want to make sure if Mr. Biden does get elected and then something happens where the V.P. needs to take over – that they are going to leave it to chance that Ms. Harris will do as Ms. Pelosi or the others want her to do?

Think about it..because when he regained his breath after I made the statement , that’s all he could.

© 2020 Mark St.Cyr