Sorry, But I’m Not Impressed

First let me start by stating the magician known as David Blaine has done a few impressive stunts over the years, but his latest is anything but.

I am being bombarded with news feeds, as I’m sure many of you are also, with his latest using balloons to ascend to some twenty thousand feet – then – parachuting to safety.

“Unbelievable!” “Incredible!” “Stunningly daring!” is just a few of the superlative laced headlines, they’re relentless.

Not that I want to pour cold water on Mr. Blaine’s latest, but I’m sorry, it’s not even worthy of the glass when compared to another that used a balloon and a parachute. That true feat of daring, rather than this dreadfully inept attempt at headlines, was performed by Felix Baumgartner.

On October 14, 2012 using a balloon he ascended to the stratosphere – then – jumped, free-falling back to Earth, while breaking the sound barrier in the process. That alone (speed of sound) was once thought of as impossible. And there he was.

What was also just as death-defying, was little known at the time, was when we all watched Mr. Baumgartner ascend in the tiny capsule that seemed to take forever to reach its height. For we later found the just as startling fact he suffers from chronic claustrophobia. I wrote about this true death defying act at the time (back in 2012) when I was comparing how one was falling with grace, and another was falling out. That other (i.e., out) was the now disgraced, pathetic former sports star known as Lance Armstrong.

All I’ll say about Mr. Blaine’s latest attempt to stay relevant is this…

Sorry Mr. Blaine, but you ain’t no Felix Baumgartner. But take this as a worthy consolation…

At least you ain’t no Lance Armstrong. And that’s a worthy achievement for anyone.

© 2020 Mark St.Cyr