You Pick?

Many times I make the statement “People think they’re informed because of the residual inferred gravitas a news or business outlet once had still applies, when in fact, more often than not, you may not only be misinformed – but mal-informed.”

To support that argument (and why I do what I do) I present the following, which ran on the Bloomberg™ website earlier today. To wit:

(Image Source

So, I ask you: Just what insight do you gain from the above other than it’s not only conflicting – but down right dangerous if you just so happen to have read only one story, then put any decision making impetus behind your now “informed” construct?

Go ahead and think about it. I’ll wait.

And for those that are wondering precisely how the “markets” could lift ever the higher during today’s day session, and then even higher into the evening as the overnight futures market appears to be signalling a possible run for truly “Higher than ever highs!” I propose the following…

As I’ve been saying “It’s all about the election from this moment on.” And as of this moment…

It’s not looking like the “runaway freight-train” into November for the contender that has been breathlessly splattered across screens, print and airwaves. That is: at least, so far, at this moment. Why?

To reiterate: You don’t have the incumbent close the “runaway freight-train double-digit gap” as has been slavishly reported, to now be within 1 point only days after their V.P. pick, and on the opening day of their convention. It just doesn’t happen. Period.

Explaining why Tesla™ has quadrupled in less than eight months, surging ever higher with its stock splitting by five as the world falls even into a greater economic slump is far easier than trying to explain the above.

And money moves on what it “thinks,” not necessarily what is reality. After-all, if reality was truly what the “markets” moved on, then the “markets” could not be where they are, regardless of what the so called “experts” on the mainstream business/financial media outlets proclaim. After-all…

It is those very “experts” that ran the above.

But what do I know.

© 2020 Mark St.Cyr