One Of These Things Doesn’t Belong

In your best rendition of Sesame Street® acapella, sing the above while trying to figure out why the following headline is about as informative as trying to get your economic daily business news from kindergartners. Ready?

“Wall Street surges on hopes of passing for next wave of government stimulus.”

That’s an actual “headline alert” that just came across my screen. Here’s the main issue here…

First: The “hope” is being held as the “markets” reach within a hares breath of new, never before seen in human history highs. And that “stimulus” is only being argued for because the entire economy is in shambles with metrics far exceeding the worst ever seen. e.g., over 52 million have, so far, filed for unemployment insurance being just one.

This is just the latest example portraying real kindergartners have far better perspective when it comes to understanding complex synergies – than the entirety of the business/financial mainstream media.

Then again, maybe getting your economic business news from kids would be far more informative – because most kids would never be so stupid as to believe the above.

© 2020 Mark St.Cyr