As I Was Saying

How I ended my prior running commentary. To wit:

It’s the exact same pattern as all the prior except we are now at a higher level. The second…

The exact manner in which this pattern calls for the highest odds to resolve is, once again, playing out in text book fashion. It’s so near picture perfect I can only, once again, repeat myself and say: uncanny.

I’ll finish using one last analogy to describe the above: Think of the prior as walking up the three meter diving board and all your friends sitting around the pool convince you to go higher to the five meter platform. You were fully confident at three, and even though you are only two meters higher?

It looks and feels a heck of lot scarier if you make a mistake there, does it not?

Here’s that “dive” as of about 12:05ish ET today. Again, to wit:

(Chart Source)

The issue with the above is this…

What does the afternoon bring: A “Triple Lindy?

Or a “market” that openly displays Fed. Chair Jerome Powell “No respect?”

As always, we shall see.

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