The Price Of Freedom

As we in the U.S. remain on some measurement of both self, as well as government imposed lock-down, where businesses are not just being threatened with draconian measures such as fines, license and permit suspensions or the very real threat of imprisonment. I would like to offer something for your consideration that needs to also be incorporated into your thoughts. Because as thankful as we are, and should be, for others that have put their lives in certain harm for us to enjoy freedom. We as business owners need to remember:

There’s a price to be paid for letting unqualified “resume enhancers” populate all out local boards, commissions, chambers et. al. For far too long, far too many have relied or regurgitated the tired old excuse of, “I’m trying to run a business here, I’m too busy for that!”

Now you know the reason why in most cases when you are told “You can’t open!” no one understands your plight. Now is the time to start making those corrections, now is the time to start unseating the “resume enhancement” set. Now is the time to make the case why your independent business is the foundation of American life. Not a government handout.

Immigrants risked everything to get here because in the U.S. the streets were thought to be “made of gold.” They were and still are, because that “gold” was known as “Main Street” where businesses composing of self starting individuals took their chance at prosperity. That vision is still well enshrined and possible. Maybe now more than in decades past. Yes – decades.

As was sung by Joni Mitchell “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.” I’m here to tell you it’s far from gone, but it’s on life support. But its going to be – the will to live – that more often than not brings it back stronger than ever before.

Think I’m overstating the case? Fair point. So let me show you a picture that just crossed my desk that inspired my writing this to begin with. To wit:

(screenshot via ZeroHedge™)

The above is taking place in Hong Kong in protest of losing their freedoms to communistic rule via China. Notice something? Hint: Social distancing be damned. Somethings are more important.

And let me leave you with one last item to consider that I said on my show before we went on hiatus…

For all those that thought the idea of communism couldn’t ever happen in the U.S.A. How’s your initial taste going so far? Because if you don’t start voicing, arguing and filling all those positions you left for everyone else to fill because – you were too busy. Here’s not another hint, but a Nostradamus inspired prediction for consequence…

This is only the initial course, there’s much more being prepared.

Think about it.

Personally, I stand in solidarity and sing the very song they sing (yes, they, as in the Hong Kong protesters) in both our honor:

© 2020 Mark St.Cyr