F.T.T.W.T.K. Follow Up

(For Those That Want To Know Follow Up)

This is just a follow up to my ongoing commentary to the “markets.” The reason for this is to illustrate something that confuses many people when I may be looking at something and saying one thing, as the “markets” seem to be doing the exact opposite. This is usually followed with the assumptions that my initial observations were categorically wrong. i.e., The “market” is going up, not down, therefore…”

This is totally understandable for those not well versed in what is called “technical analysis.” And it is in that light I would like to show you what is currently taking place in said “markets” in real time with a few charts I’ve noted, so you can see for yourself, this patterning or phenom (i.e., going up doesn’t nullify going down). To wit:

This reflects the first observation I made about a possible “Signal.”

(Chart Source)

This shows the progression notated with additional comment and feature.

This is the opening moments of the S&P 500™ today as I type this with additional notations.

“So what does all the above mean, exactly?” I can hear you say through my monitors. And it’s a good question, for it is this…

Even though the “markets” have risen over the past few days it’s done nothing to nullify my thesis for where I see things possibly going over the current days, weeks or months. As a matter of fact, with today’s price action so far…

It further confirms it.

As always, we shall see. But for those that wanted to know, that’s about it.

© 2020 Mark St.Cyr