Because This Makes Perfect Sense

Over the last week I’ve had more than a few (to say the least) inquiries as to my decision to both abruptly halt and reconstitute my offerings going forward. Some of the discussions have been long and detailed. i.e., The other party probably thought later “All I asked for was a simple answer, I’ll think twice next time!” The others wanted all the details and got them without needing to ask. Let’s just say I can deliver either precisely what is desired or, more than anyone asked for whether they wanted it or not.

My mother would call that “charm.” Some may call it something else. But then again, nobody should cross their mother, right? I know how I am and not afraid to admit it. Or better yet, willing to warn others ahead of time. So there’s that, but I digress.

So now since I’ve also demonstrated the above in printed form, let me cut to the chase using what they call in Silicon Valley a “picture” that not only says a thousand words, but speaks volumes. To wit:


(Chart Source)


The chart on the left is the S&P 500™ over the last few days represented via 15 min candles/bars as I type this. The one opposing it is the current price chart using the same measurements of the most important and price sensitive commodity known to the world, which also is the underlying basis for the U.S. $Dollar to be used as the Reserve Currency of the world: Oil. (aka Petrodollar.)

See anything just a bit unusual? Hint: It’s utterly insane what the current markets are now doing. They are now so broken beyond repair only a fool would keep trying to argue why this, that, or the other thing was worth talking about.

But then again…

The buzzer-banger and the rest of the mainstream business/financial media continue to do just that.

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