Why The Shutdown Is Being Exacerbated

I was asked for my thoughts as to what was the most exacerbating issue in regards to the current shutdown of the economy. Here was my response…

Let me answer your question with a question: Give me the name of any board of directors that would allow its HR department (Human Resource) the authority to shut down a company during its most profitable sales cycle in midstream? Then, on top of that – relinquish all authority (e.g., The Board’s and C-suite) to that HR department as to when, how and if it would ever open again. All while allowing said HR to give press conferences that not only would share holder value will be damned, but any workers that complained about the lay offs were also to be considered: selfish.

It’s kind of a silly question that answers itself, no? Well that’s what the current media is selling as “prudent medically cautious measures.” Because for all intents and purposes the economy has been shut down by well meaning medical bureaucrats and lawyers. The equivalent of any well meaning HR department. i.e., risk adverse, paper pushers that still believe “Left brain – Right brain thinking” is still a thing, enabled with the power to sue if you don’t agree.

Any further questions?

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