Radar Alert: Watch For The Joe Rogan Political Tap Out

For those that may not be aware Joe Rogan of the popular podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience” may have just entered a political octagon for a fight he is truly unprepared for. The issue at hand here is this: Although Mr. Rogan is a trained MMA fighter and has probably met many an adversary or two with a tendency to not just bend rules, but break them when no one is looking (i.e., think cheap shot). His assumption that he himself can bend or break the rules of the political arena shows just how unprepared he truly is to this blood-sport known as politics.

Mr. Rogan just committed one of the most egregious, unforgivable breaking of the most important single rule that’s emblazoned atop the pantheon of political discourse: “Thou shalt not endorse, speak or acknowledge anything beneficial regarding Trump in public or private. The penalty for such disobedience is to wander alone in the wilderness for all eternity.”

For those that might not be aware Mr. Rogan was interviewing a guest on his show discussing the current political lineup and how it’s playing out. He’s been an ardent supporter of Bernie Sanders, but with the recent dismal appearances of Mr. Biden during his video interviews, he said the unthinkable. e.g., He’d vote for Trump over Biden. (You can read a transcript via Breitbart™ here)

The issue at hand that will suddenly become a very real problem for Mr. Rogan is that he is under the assumption that he can say these things with impunity. Hint – He’s going to find out just how many sucker punches, smears and more will be thrown at him. Not only from a myriad of “mom’s basement” but rather, from a myriad of media sources I’ll wager he once considered “friendly.”

This will not be in the distant future rather, it will begin with sheer immediacy and will be unrelenting. Unless: He taps out.

Make no mistake: to make this assertion go away he’s going to have to fold like a cheap suit and recant everything, saying things like “He misspoke.” “Was taken out of context.” _______________(fill in your own here).

Then publicly (very publicly I’ll assert) he’ll need to do the inevitable that anyone else that has dared think this rule didn’t apply to them, or thought they were “tough enough to take it on.” e.g., Make the “hostage tape” video or sound bite.

That will be the only thing that will assuage the forthcoming sucker punches. And make no mistake – they will be the equivalent of landing career ending “haymakers.” At least that’ll be their intent.

Over the past few months I found it both comedic, as well as alarming, how some in positions of influence (podcasters or their interviewees) could square the circle that Mr. Sanders was just another Democrat with different branding to appeal to the “cool kids.” Sorry to spoil the party, but Mr. Sanders is a self expressed socialist with communist intentions. And under that type of umbrella podcast shows, businesses and more would not be allowed to air without his approval. Period.

In other words, Mr Rogan seems to be under some allusion that if Mr. Sanders became president that he (Mr. Rogan) would still be not only in charge of his show, but would still have a self directed business as he saw fit. Again, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but no Mr. Rogan you wouldn’t. Again, period.

This goes to show in very vivid detail just how truly and successfully propagandized many people that should know better are. I’m not trying to be insulting here to Mr. Rogan and he’s probably a very smart and nice guy. However, on this subject, he demonstrates how so many truly don’t have a clue to what we’re all looking down the barrel of today.

For those that think socialism, communism or any other command and control economy is just the thing we need to accept and embrace here in the U.S.? Guess what – you’re now getting a taste of exactly what that entails via the current lock-down measures in response to the Wuhan Virus. And it’s possible we’ll get even more of it in the coming weeks and months. Consider it a test run for a U.S.S.A.

Let me make this clear: I am not saying the current administration is doing this intentionally to bring about that end. Although I do not agree with the current lock-down situation I can begrudgingly understand the arguments and adhere. However…

If you want to see just how much further we can go in resembling a further drift towards the socialistic, communistic model – watch to see just how long Mr. Rogan is able to hold or articulate his current position. For there is only one resolution:

He’ll either have to drop his political argument altogether, where you’ll never hear it (or Trump) mentioned ever again other than in the derogatory. Or: watch for the “hostage tape.” Either one signals a tap out. Period.

Welcome to the political octagon Mr. Rogan. Where the only rule you need to understand is the one emblazoned above. For there will be a “pound of flesh” to be extracted. And you’ll be lucky if it’s only a pound.

My advice to you, since I’ve actually been in this “octagon” myself would be this…

If you still want to believe you are in control of your show’s dialogue – try not just making, but keeping this viewpoint front and center and see how long you last. The alternative?

It’s in the headline. There is no alternative scenario.

© 2020 Mark St.Cyr