Imagine That

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One would be hard pressed to not know the recent backlash being dolled out to many a Hollywood celebrity in response to a few singing John Lennon’s “Imagine” and a few other examples.

The problem with all this is not everyone else – it’s Hollywood itself. i.e., No one really cares what they think. Never have, never will.

In today’s “all access” backdrop with social platforms of various forms celebrities have fallen in love with the notion that if they have “followers” that means they must, by dint, be a leader. Here’s a pro-tip for Hollywood and anyone else enamored with social…

You’re not a leader in any sense of the word. All you are is a lesser version of the fictional character you role play. And without the expertise of the director, camera crew, lighting and makeup team, editing crew and more? Your attempts to suddenly play “leader” will make any B-rated sci-fi that appears on Mystery Science Theater 3000™ look down right Shakespearean and award worthy in comparison.

The rise of social media gave the fictional story that these people are as important as they think they are. The only thing worse has been their acting on this self-perpetuated impulse. Alyssa Milano, Chelsea Handler anyone? Feel free to insert your own list here:

So obvious is this now becoming to everyone that even The Atlantic™ came out with an article expressing their own take on just how pathetic their recent excursions into public outreach.

The issue with the article that caught even me by surprise (and it’s worth the read IMHO) is just how fast it was written and published. i.e., as in real-time.

To me that alone says volumes, because it means even people (or outlets) who are normally quite forgiving to Hollywood and its stars are now no longer because, I would assume, under the bright lights of the right circumstances – self-absorbed and tone-deaf really shows.

(Here’s a bit on what I said about all this in 2016 and here in 2017)

I believe we are at that moment in time when “Imagine” inspires the exact opposite of what Hollywood ever expected, and in the theme of the inspired song…

Imagine no one cares…
About what you think…
It isn’t hard to do…

Or: Just read your latest press.

© 2020 Mark St.Cyr