(For those who say I just don’t get it…get this)

I’m putting another of these “FTW…” articles up because I was just alerted to the most recent move in Bitcoin™.

As many of you know I made a prediction at the beginning of 2019 where I thought it would finish the year. It came close, but it was considered near pin-point clairvoyance in respect to all the so-called “gurus” or “experts” were spewing.

For those that may not have been around, I predicted the year end target in 2018 with pin-point accuracy. (e.g. calling for 3K when it was at 17K)

So why this post? It’s because of this. First, a reminder from December 31, 2019. To wit:

(Chart Source)

And here we are just nine weeks later, again, to wit:

Please forgive the hand drawn element to represent the bars/candles, because as I tried to use the platform where I originally made them their website has been absolutely unstable today. At least that has been my experience, but it would be par for the course on platforms everywhere with what took place today. We should be happy that they were even running at all. And I mean that.

As I’m typing this Bitcoin is bouncing in and around the 4500 level, which would put it inside the top of my original call circle.

So you might be saying “Well, yeah – but so what, you missed it by weeks so your wrong, right?”

Here’s where I’ll counter: Absolutely not, and proves I’ve been the one with the correct argument all along, for this solidifies that argument. Here’s why…

Bitcoin is told-and-sold as the, and by the I mean just that – the – ultimate hedge against Central Bank money printing. And with the Federal Reserve unleashing an unprecedented amount of liquidity today alone of $4,000,000,000,000.00 (That’s four trillion! No, not a typo.) to be exact over the next month. Aaannnnddd: you also have in conjunction the Bank of Japan, ECB, PBoC, and others doing similar.

Bitcoin not only didn’t go up or at least remain stable at current elevated levels – It crashed, and crashed more than any other.

I mean surely – wouldn’t it be the perfect replacement for all that dirty virus filled money known as cash? Hmmmmmm?

No, it was a fairy tale told-and-sold till its story became clear – it was all a sham. Period.

And that dear readers, is that.

© 2020 Mark St.Cyr