MLK Holiday

Today’s MYTR Broadcast is on holiday in observance of Martin Luther King Day in the U.S. and will return tomorrow.

Below is a short clip from March of 2010 when the iPad® was first being introduced to scores of jeers and finger-pointing on picking such a “stupid name.” It was also being touted as “Who’d in their right mind buy such a thing when they could have a laptop?” At the time of this recording, now a decade old, the results to whom had the right argument is now settled.

Remember: At the time of this recording the entirety of the mainstream business/financial media was playing down this idea and product with jubilant disdain. If you want to get an understanding – just think about how enamored they were with Snapchat™ and its IPO debut with fanfare and more – then – think the same only in the complete opposite direction. That was the reaction to not only the iPad at that time, but also the idea of Apps. i.e., “Who in their right mind would ever buy an App when it’s available on CDs?”

Sound familiar? If it doesn’t, let me put it this way:

“Who in their right mind would question the strength and fundamental underpinnings that are propelling this Bull market?” ________(fill in your mainstream business/financial media pundit of choice here)

Now, since history has recorded the results – it’s proved I was the one far more correct in my assessment of the first two items. And, once again, all during that time to the howls and screeds of said media pundits. How the latter one plays out is still open for debate. But as my track record shows, I seem to have a bit more deductive reasoning power than most of the so-called “smart crowd.”

Although they do still howl and screed like a 2-year-old.

Some things never change.

March 2010 “Thinking Aloud” Series

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