Happy New Year And Where To From Here

I would like to make two points…

First: I am absolutely ecstatic, as well as humbled, by the response to the “Free Prize Inside” offer. Much like when I released my first book way back in 2012, I did things far different than all the so-called “experts” professed not only should be done, but “must be done” in regards to launch dates, media, PR releases, etc., etc., etc.

Back then I launched in a window which I was told was the absolute worst period of time for any author, let alone an unknown one, which was just days before Christmas.

I was told if you had not been putting out promos (aka ads), giving interviews, pitching it far and wide in any place that would have me, it would fail miserably. Even if I was an accomplished author the odds for success would be near nil. The result?

Within days it was being actively downloaded in over 60 countries to finally reach metrics that would compare to most making the “Best Seller” lists. (on an aside: I documented all those metrics in real-time and have since moved it to “Out of Print” status)

To say I was astonished back then would be an understatement. What has happened so far since last night has, once again, left me flabbergasted.

Within the first hour alone of “Free Prize Inside” you were signing up around the globe in numbers I didn’t think I’d see for weeks. And this was New Year’s Eve! A time when most would tell you “Nobody cares, nobody will probably ready your offer, let alone act.” But you did.

By the end of the night (Midnight U.S., again to reiterate this is New Years Eve!) all my expectations had already been surpassed. Again, I am both ecstatic and humbled.

Second: I’m not usually at a loss for words, and for those of you that have been around me you know that’s saying something. But I do know what I want to make sure I say right now and believe brevity here is fitting. And it is this…

Thank You! You truly are a magnificent group and I am proud to be at your service.

Happy New Year, and here’s to making 2020 another for the record books.

See you then.