For Those Wondering What I’m Thinking

I was asked for my thoughts on this recent “market” move with some indexes reaching new life-time highs and a few others coming within a hares breath. Here’s my reply for those that may want to know.

“One of the most damning ideas to capitalism over the last decade can be seen in real-time as corporate leaders who used to argue competing against such things as GSE’s (government sponsored entities) was something totally anathema to free-markets and would rail against these entities with calls they need to be curtailed, if not outright banned.

That idea is all but dead-and-buried. Because today, we now have a “new and improved” version known as FSE’s (Fed sponsored equities). This newest perversion is something that is currently hailed as a “brilliant use of monetary policy.” What adds insult-to-injury? It is now replete with its own band, bandwagon and cheering section made up of those very same corporate leaders whom prior railed against such a notion. It’s not only appalling, it should be seen as downright disgusting to any true self-identifying capitalist.”

-Mark St.Cyr October, 2019

Here’s something else I know…

I more than likely wasted my own breath, because they’ll never print it.

© 2019 Mark St.Cyr