(For those who say I just don’t get it…get this)

When it comes to blame, trade and China. To wit:

Tariffs are precisely that when it comes to the “sport” of trade. But make no mistake: Trade – is a take no prisoners blood sport with real losers and winners, where economic survival is the prize. Sometimes – there is no second place finisher. Think about it.

What many don’t quite get (and I say this directly to most of the Ph.D’d economic professorial cabal and show hosts that paraded this set out to lecture us plebs how genius the Fed. has been, and how “smart” they are in naval-gazing analyzing the moves, but I digress again) is China may be in a far more inferior negotiating position than the U.S. i.e., If the “markets” fall apart directly after China announces – the blame becomes China’s.

“Must Watch Sunday TV…” – June 17, 2018

When it comes to blame, markets and the Fed. Again, to wit:

Mr. Powell was being elevated as a stalwart of Fed. integrity and prowess, inferring his openly displayed disdain for having anything to do with the President was if he was openly saying, “Meeting with the President? I don’t need no stinkin’ meeting!” To the sycophantic applause of this, again, so-called “smart crowd.”

Today, let’s just say: It’s different this time, shall we?

Sometimes it just takes awhile for the consequences to unfold in full view. But none of them saw it to even begin with, and are now being blindsided with the true consequences. i.e., The political finger of blame.

I would also recommend to Mr. Powell and the entirety of the Fed, one should not look for it to end anytime soon. If ever.

“There’s A Reason why ‘March’…” Aug. 1, 2019

Let’s jump to today, shall we?

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Who’da thunk it.

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Footnote: These “FTWSIJDGIGT” articles came into being when many of the topics I had opined on over the years were being openly criticized for “having no clue”. Yet, over the years, these insights came back around showing maybe I knew a little bit more than some were giving me credit for. It was my way of tongue-in-cheek as to not use the old “I told you so” analogy. I’m saying this purely for the benefit of those who may be new or reading here for the first time. I never wanted or want to seem like I’m doing the “Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah” type of response to my detractors. I’d rather let the chips fall – good or bad – and let readers decide the credibility of either side. Occasionally however, there are and have been times they do need to be pointed out, which is why these now have taken on a life of their own. (i.e., something of significance per se that may have a direct impact on one’s business etc., etc.) And readers, colleagues, and others have requested their continuance.