Some Thoughts Using ‘The Business Of I’ Paradigm

“Entrepreneurs are the elite special forces of the business world. They go where others fear to tread – without needing to be told, risking all.”

Opening statement from my “The Business of I” seminars

Whether you choose full blown entrepreneurship, or work in an employee/employer relationship embracing the entrepreneurial mindset. It is the decision to embrace such view that it is you, and only you, which is responsible for your career opportunities, wages and more, that will both insulate you from the fear of job loss, as well as inoculate you with true career freedom.

There truly is no other way.

All the other monikers associated with success or job security such as CEO, CFO, Senior VP of _________(fill in the blank), MBA, PhD, etc., etc., etc. more often than not, will be nothing more than some amassed monetary monikers you’ll gather or collect, like ribbons at a state fair.

Yes, they’ll look great on your wall, business card, or those letters you write home to your mom. However, they won’t do much else in difficult times when everyone from age 26 to 64 has either just as many, or worse – even more.

Think I’m kidding? Fair enough, let me put it this way…

When I was a teenager in the 1970’s, pumping gas as one of my first jobs, (yeah, I know) the running joke openly used by myself and others was not that I was some lowly station clerk, but rather, I was an “Octane Technician” within the Oil and Gas sector.

We all laughed at the absurdity.

Today? It wouldn’t be surprising to find some “college” offering courses and degrees for undergrad or graduate status containing some bloviated syllabus to explain, in minute detail, exactly what we did. All for the low financial aid price of $100K and up, of course.

Absurd? Maybe in the 70’s, but not today.

Don’t take my word for it, just look at some of the offerings for degrees and the amount of debt most are now coming out of the “higher learning” area of education. Then reconsider that “absurd” question, again.

“So why is this topic important today?” you may be asking, with unemployment at an all-time low. Great question, because no one else is even considering it. So let’s do just a bit of that here, now, while adding a possible set-up that is very real:

Suddenly the “markets” begin to gyrate reminiscent of 2008. Now what?

During the initial gyrations of the prior crisis (and truly is evident in all of them) one thing or, issue was at the forefront of most public companies: How to keep the stock price aloft?

The easiest and most “bang for the buck?” Begin shedding jobs.

One may not like that answer, but that’s what happens each and every time, whether warranted or not. It’s knee jerk, low hanging fruit. But again, like it or not – it’s reality.

So now you’ll have the ever increasing situation of less jobs available, and more people than ever looking to fill them.

Juxtapose this with another reality realization: many will not only apply for, but rather, will take one at a pay scale far less compensated then most anyone else ever considered. Especially those that were previously holding or working within such professions.

Or said differently, the job you’re applying for that once paid you “X,” may now only be offered at not just a discount, but maybe 50% off, or worse, no longer even offered. (see the current banking or investment industry for clues)

This phenom is more prevalent to the possibility of happening than at any time prior. Today there are a great many (i.e., like those that have only been in the workforce for decade or so) that not only don’t, but won’t even consider the possibilities. This alone will bring about real crisis for this same many.

Many more will also find themselves inadequately prepared to deal with the coming changes. And let no one be disillusioned – these changes will come, and with breathtaking speed and regularity should these “markets” begin to falter.

But it gets worse in ways a vast majority do not fully comprehend i.e., Just as the “markets” are now dominated via algorithms and bots – so too is the hiring process. Or said differently, nobody’s reading those resumes, literally.

What’s worse? Most H.R. departments don’t even know how these so-called “readers” truly work. All they know it allows for them not too, and that’s good enough. Think about it, for it’s not as hyperbolic as you may first infer.

While the above will suddenly find themselves confused, bewildered, or caught like deer in the headlights looking at how or what they should do next in the dawn of this new age. As I iterated prior: It doesn’t mean all.

For some, it will (and can) be the opportunity of a lifetime that they’re positioning for. Yes, positioning, as opposed to just waiting, as I’ll explain.

We are now fully in the “self empowered” era. And it’s got way too many confused on its meaning.

Most are confused on where it begins and why. The idea of the “gig economy” has been ruined with people not understanding what business really is, and just propelled themselves down a rabbit hole with how cheap one will do a task for. i.e. a race to the bottom.

However, with that said, that doesn’t mean a proper and robust infrastructure to do it right isn’t there, for it is. It’s just been used poorly and improperly from my perspective.

There are more than enough web based tools at one’s disposal to fully function at most levels. Yes, even conducting business globally and with Fortune 100™ concerns.

You do not need anything to run your own business except the fortitude to start. And just to reiterate: being an employee doesn’t negate anything of what I’m stating. i.e., Whose name fills the “payer” designation does not alter what the mindset of the “payee” has or, is. That’s why I call it “The Business of I.”

In other words, you are the business from where you work and think, encompassing all aspects from that standpoint, which is of the entrepreneur. Everything else is just the situational, contractual relationship of your business at that time, nothing more.

Just one more point: this type of “mindset” that I describe strengthens and enriches the employer/employee type of interaction, not weakens it – as some willfully, misinformed managers (usually H.R.) and others have tried to tell me over the years. But I digress.

Once you grasp and fully incorporate the idea that the only way to free oneself from fear and anxiety is to take charge and command over one’s mindset of exactly who and what you are. Only then can you look upon any situation in regards to employment security, financial security and so forth with opportunistic eyes, regardless of circumstance. Rather, than only the fear of the unknown, for most have no other construct to filter by.

You need no degree, no permission, no nothing. All other titles can be taken away by someone else. What you can’t be fired from – is you. Unless you do it.

It’s the ultimate status for financial or economic reality and surety.

Again: If only you are in charge of you, than you can make or take advantage of any situation, regardless of the times as you see fit, based on your abilities to see reality as it is and apply your skills to compete. You need no permission – just fortitude.

Most don’t, but for those that do? This is, as they say, is when the world becomes you oyster. And it is available to you right now -regardless of circumstance. It’s a choice. But it needs to be made or else it’s all a meaningless thought experiment.

Here’s something else to consider. Ever wonder why so many people find once they get that title, that position, that gold star, that ______(fill in the blank) begin to wonder why they feel so apprehensive about their future rather, than feeling more secure?

The reason may be as simple as this: What they now feel subconsciously is that they now have nothing more than some identity granted to them by an outside authority, which at any time, can take said identity away, without their consent. i.e., They are their job title and they unknowingly have become only what someone else says they are.

Entrepreneurs, whether of legal classification, or of the” Mindset” viewpoint, shed all this entailed baggage for only one concept. e.g., Only I decide where I work and for whom. And I am responsible for where or if I do, regardless of economic conditions.

Their title? Business of I – Owner.

Entrepreneurship, or it’s accompanying mindset, is state of mind. A way of conducting one’s business in the world through one’s own set of clearly defined rules and/or principles that no one can take away.

It is the only freeing choice. Hence it becomes the only choice for those who decide to embrace it.

Should a sudden “market” shock begin unfolding, there are going to be a lot of very nervous people seemingly caught like the proverbial “deer in the headlights,” wondering what to do.

The entrepreneur or entrepreneurial mindset individual will not be looking for some “job.” But rather, will create their own to fill the ever increasing voids that will be needed either to hold or, increase the bottom line. Not by submitting resumes looking for employment. Rather, by just the opposite as in…

Recommending and demonstrating face-to-face why “hiring” or, working with them is not an expense – but rather – an asset.

Which just so happens to coincidentally be the only thing companies during such time will not only be willing to listen to, but want to hear.

No “resume reader” required.

© 2019 Mark St.Cyr