It’s All In The Eye Of The Beholder

In one of my prior articles I made the following commentary as to why thinking from the “what if” position, even if it appears at first glance like “crazy talk,” is an important aspect of critical thinking. Here’s a sample. To wit:

One again, just as a reminder: this is all in reference to an original thought exercise. But as you can now clearly see, in real time, that “exercise” has now just moved from solely on the plausible side, to where it now has encroached on the possible. i.e., moved from a lever position – to a scale and balance one. A distinction with a very big difference.

Doesn’t mean any of this is correct or, will come to pass. However, you that have read this now and prior have at least thought about it, where the vast majority of “experts” haven’t even given it a first thought, let alone second.

That’s what being at “the tip of the spear” truly means. For what others would never dream possible, people like yourselves have at least already weighed or calculated the possibilities.

So with the above said, what I would like to do is bookend that with something from another observation I made just a few weeks ago, which included the following “picture” as they say in Silicon Valley. Again, to wit:

For those wondering what I’m currently watching on July 15th

To bring you back to early July one needs to remember: At the time I made the following observations everyone across the entire spectrum of the mainstream business/financial media were saying we were about to embark on further unencumbered higher highs. Why? The Fed was going to cut rates which assured that this was to be so.

So how are their calls looking as opposed to mine? Great question. Now the “picture” is still developing, as they say, because this was taken at the end of the U.S. “markets” on Friday. But I think there’s enough to get a feeling of what may yet develop and soon. Once again, to wit:

(Chart Source)

Now let me be clear: What I’m not trying to do is show something as to imply I have some form of Nostradamus ability. Far from it. I’ve made enough calls over my career, which I thought were “set in stone,” only to then crumble, mercilessly pulverized into dust to know better.

However, with that said, there are some technical patterns as I’ve explained ad nauseam that are more prone to resolving as anticipated. The above was one, and I showed if it were to, what else had a higher potential of happening next.

The reason for any of the above is to once again demonstrate, that people like you dear reader, that take the time or initiative to read my commentary, regardless of whether you agree with it or not, once again proved in real time, that you are the person actually looking to be not just on “the cutting edge,” but rather “at the tip of the spear,” because there was nobody even looking for the above, let alone contemplating it.

You dear reader, were.

And that’s why I have great respect for you. Even if you completely disagree with me.

© 2019 Mark St.Cyr