Maybe A ‘Step” Too Far

Anyone that was old enough to remember where they were when we set foot on the moon (I am one) are probably aware, as well as watched, the show “Happy Days.”

This latter event gave us another of those enduring moments in our pantheon of memes that has lasted almost as long as Apollo’s. i.e., we went from landing men on the moon where “One small step…” has been applied to countless memes – to a television actor “Jumping the shark,” which has taken on its own status for implying that almost assuredly – it’s over.

To add to this, let me quote another that’s been used to describe many a situation from a revered band of that same era known as the Grateful Dead: “What a long, strange trip it’s been.”

Today we have an entire segment of people claiming we never really went to the moon, and another still believing it was really Fonzie jumping, as opposed to a stunt double. After all, it was the Fonz!.

The only thing that’s remained consistent since, in my view, is the Dead’s now proven astute observation then and continuing now. For “strange” doesn’t seem to capture the entirety of it all.

So here we are celebrating the 50 year anniversary of that monumental achievement – and the biggest thing dominating the mainstream news (NYT™ is just one of many) is either how going to the moon was some form of intentional male privileged or race based endeavor that needs to be shunned.

All I have to say is this: Did the entire “triggered” movement just “jump the shark” or “the moon” with this one?

If it did? Then at least, maybe, there’s one good aspect to this entire nonsensical brouhaha…

A safe landing back to sanity. (Cue the Dead’s “Truckin” song here)

© 2019 Mark St.Cyr