About That Thing Known As ‘Social Media’

I have been on the record, to numerous to count, where I have made the case that social media is a withering has-been much like AOL™ became way back when.

This, of course, put me in that divine category of “What does he know!” The problem has been that as the years have rolled on – it seems my argument is being proved more correct as every subsequent day has passed.

“Where’s the proof?!” many are now asking themselves. Good question, and to answer it, for those still clinging on to the hope that it’s not and there’s still plenty of time to crush it. Here is what I’ll now add to the files as Exhibit: 2478.6A. To wit:

Via People®…

“Ice Cream Truck Owner Vows to Charge Social Influencers Double the Price”

Here’s a few pull quotes…

“I’m truly embarrassed for these people,” the soft serve purveyor tells PEOPLE. “I’m not really 100 percent sure what they actually do, and their followers, likes, and comments can all be purchased, so I have trouble looking at them as being reputable.”

“If it’s public knowledge that anyone can purchase followers and likes, then why does an ‘influencer’ hold weight?” the caption said. “Let’s make hard work ‘huge right now.’ Let’s make not asking people to work for free ‘huge right now.’ We are not impressed or influenced by your ‘following’…you probably bought them.”

Can you say “Ouch!”

Here’s the dirty little secret behind all this: When the ice-cream man, in Los Angeles of all places, where social-media should – at the least – rein supreme and its influencers held up as the new “kings and queens” of how to get noticed are told by said ice-cream proprietor to basically – go pound sand. And is hip to the entire charade?

You know it’s over. Period.

All I’ll say to that is:

Remember those “crying towels” I argued years back that were coming where the so-called “Silicon Valley aficionado” set thought was the dumbest thing possible?

Now “social” can’t even buy an ice-cream cone in their own back-yard.

“Towel” anyone?

© 2019 Mark St.Cyr