You Can’t Be ‘A Little Bit’ Political

Back in October of 2018 I stated on my show why the “Just Do It” campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick was going to launch Nike™ directly into the political fray forever, with consequences that will only be known as time rolled on. The reason was simple:

Just as the old saying of “You can’t be a little bit…” (Do I have to say it?) you can’t be a little bit political.

Either you are or, you are not.

And when it comes to business any so-called “bump” in sales that may seem like a moment of marketing “genius” will, in the end, come back around and be one of your greatest liabilities going forward.

Nike is proving that today.

Nike seems to have taken the signalling from their original political campaign face, Mr. Kaepernick, and pulled a special edition sneaker that sported the Betsy Ross Flag, two days before the 4th of July, America’s biggest celebration of independence – and have them destroyed.

Or, said differently: This is what today’s “marketing genius” looks like.

Nike has not only turned their brand into a cause-celeb for the political, but it just turned many of its customers into declaring a political stance – whether they wanted to or not.

Nike’s logo has become the anti-America “flag” for protesters.

Hope that’s what they wanted, because that’s now how it will be seen. Or worse – boycotted.

© 2019 Mark St.Cyr