Coming Changes: Subscription Only Access

Since the inception of this site I have stated, far too many times to recount, that we are what I call “the tip of the spear” type of content and analysis, along with the different paths the site itself has ventured and reached.

It is in this light that I want to make this announcement, because it goes against everything that far too many believe is still a worthy business pursuit. i.e., social media et al. aka the “ads for eyeballs” of free model.

Beginning in July you will need to be an email subscriber (or RSS or WP Follow) to access any content from that point going forward.

(If you’re already one: nothing needs to be done at this time. You’re already in, including if you’re following via WP Follow mode or RSS. News sites or reprints please scroll down for further clarification.)

All content prior to this will still be available for the foreseeable future. That may change later on, but for now, that’s the running plan.

For those that want to know the reasoning, here it is:

I am only concerned with the needs, or shall we say “eye balls,” of those that find my material worthy of its exclusivity. I no longer have any desire, nor care, if 1 or 100 million “eyeballs” peruse my content.

All I care about, even if it results in having only one subscriber, then that’s the only one that’ll matter here. Period. For they have shown themselves, via subscribing, to be an actual customer.

To reiterate: All I’m concerned with from this point forward – are true customers.

I’ve had and enjoyed the audience of a billion tire-kickers, and yes, literally. It’s been a great achievement, but it’s nothing more than a notch-in-the-belt as they say. Or said differently: Been there – done that.

I decided if I was coming out of retirement, after 15 years, offering insights and commentary as to why I believe this is now the best time to be in business, to clarify – if one knows how to be a true business in both mind and actions – then this site would show my own “walking the talk” fortitude.

They’ll be more forthcoming on this topic, and what to do about it, in the coming weeks and months. But I wanted this on the table, now, because this is something I know will take many by surprise.

But that’s what being at “the tip of the spear” demands, that is…

If you’re truly serious about business. Which I am.

For News Sites and Reprints:

I need to make this clear for those of you that either reprint my articles or quote from it: Nothing changes for you, and remains as it has been.

Although I am incorporating a subscriber only model, this information is still what I deem “free fair use” and you are still free to use as you have been.

The only difference is, if you weren’t subscribing via the RSS feed or other, and were just doing something akin to a scouring routine of the web, you’ll just need to do one or the other to make sure you have access if you haven’t already.

When we do a “pay wall” for certain material that will be in a section that you won’t need to worry about if, or if not, that material is available for reprint. It will be clear so you don’t have to worry about what’s OK and what is not or confused by what constitutes available.

If something changes later I will be sure to make it clear. But until then, even when the “subscriber only” wall comes in, for you in the media or running different blogs or sites, nothing has changed other than that one hurdle for entry.

This may be self evident for the professionals, but I just wanted to make it clear.

© 2019 Mark St.Cyr