Just a quick note of thanks

We’ve been inundated with messages since Friday about my decision on the show, as well as a few other items. I can not explain how thankful I am hearing from people all across this globe for both your support and encouragement. I truly am at a loss for words.

And for those of you that know me – you know that’s saying something.

Let me be clear: I’m making this change as to be able to bring you a better product on both topic, as well as delivery. I’m not sun-setting it because it’s not making waves. It’s just constraining me in its current iteration from allowing me to make it better. And that’s just not acceptable to me, so I needed to make a decision, and did. And to be frank: I’m already feeling it was the correct one.

It’s very, very, very (did I say very?) hard to jettison something you’ve put what seems like years of planning, then months and months of execution into, only to realize that to get to where you originally wanted to be – you have to jettison all that work. But…(and it’s a very important but)

If you say you want to play where you consider the top to be, whatever your pursuit may be, this, or things like this, is what is needed to be done if you want to play at that level.

As I always say, and have said, since the beginning: This is what makes me different from most others. For I want to both use and show myself as the exemplar, so that those who may be in similar situations can see in real time that someone like myself is actually walking the talk, not just talking about what I read in someone else’s book and am now talking about what they’ve done.

So it is on that note I just want to say to all of you, for I could never answer you all individually:

Thank you! And raise my glass to you and to what lies ahead.