An Update To: Because It Needed To Be Said

Remember when I stated in the above referenced article my…

“…observations about just what’s passing today for “informed analysis” when it comes to both the “markets” as well as the entirety of the “Hot!” IPO world.

As I’ve said so many times or, ad nauseam, it’s just farcical the way much of this stuff is being spun. So much so, washing machines can no longer hide their envy.”

For those that didn’t, I wrote it a few days ago as the newest “wunderkind” of unicorn celebrity known as Slack™ went public. And how much of the reporting (aka fawning) for how this latest fantastical beast of cash-burning, money-losing juggernauts was shown to be a stunning success.

Why? Because it made a lot of people rich in what I deem as nothing more than a successful “bag holding transfer.”

So, with the “markets” remaining at record highs. Would it not be fair to assume, since there would not be a better time than to have such wind at one’s back, that it would it end its debut, at the least, remaining where it debuted?

But then again, who cares, right? Because, as I argue: it’s all about “passing the bag” nothing more. i.e., legal theft.

Remember this “picture” I posted on how it debuted? You know, the aforementioned “success.” For those that don’t. To wit:

(Chart Source)

I received a lot of hoots and howls (as is always the case) from what I call the “Silicon Valley Aficionado set.”

So now lets see how said “bag holders” are currently sitting, shall we? Again, to wit:

(Chart Source)

The above now shows: nothing more needs to be said.

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