Today’s Show Follow-up

Earlier on today’s show I used the theater-of-the-mind as to facilitate what I was currently watching as it pertained to the “markets” before the open. I said I would follow-up with the actual chart and notate what transpired since rather, than the way I have been doing, which was posting said chart before the open and notating later.

So with that said, here it is. To wit:

(Chart Source)

As you can see (if you listened to today’s show) the above correlation to what I thought may happen in respect to what type of pattern I believed was forming seems to be playing out in both a text book form, and in another text book form, resolved to end the day in ambivalent land. i.e., it’s still anyone’s guess where to from here.

However, with that said, at least you now have something to watch for as I described and either way has implications that most have no clue, which of course I’ll expand on further in tomorrow’s show. (see what I did there?)

As always, we shall see. But see – and soon – that is a certainty.

© 2019 Mark St.Cyr