Change Is In The Air

For the last several years I have written on Sunday’s specifically concerning what is known as “the markets.” i.e., Wall Street et al.

That is now changing.

Since the early days of my blog concerning Wall Street and the entirety of the capital markets I have commented, argued, explained and more about its precarious machinations, much to the scream and howls of those affiliated within it. i.e., next in rotation fund managers, Ph.D Ivy Towered economists, think tank “smart crowd,” Silicon Valley aficionados and more, much more.

In the end, more often than not, as said commentary was either directly carried or referenced in media venues across the globe, on some of the most prominent spaces – my assumptions, views, explanations and more have been the ones proven correct more often than not.

You may agree or not, for that’s up to you, as it should be. However, if one looks at these “markets” at today’s current levels and wants to say, “New highs proves you too have been wrong all along!” There’s nothing more I can say to you except: Good luck, and there’s no real reason for you to read or listen to anything I have to say further. Hope it all works out for you.

Please understand, I truly mean that. Yet, at the same time, if that is your viewpoint all I’ll conclude with is: you may not be as “informed” as you think you are.

The reason is simple: that’s what everyone thought in 2007/08. The only difference this time is you now know (or at least you should) that without the Federal Reserve and other central banks actively perverting said “markets” with more and more varying forms of intervention, whether it be halting prior policies (normalization) or re-instituting proven failures (e.g., QE) – it all falls apart. Just like I and a very few others said it would.

The latest provable metric for those that question said assertion? December 2018 to current day.

If that doesn’t convince you, sorry, but nothing will. And personally I’m done trying. Again, best of luck to you that don’t think so.

To reiterate, I mean that sincerely. It’s not said sarcastically, but it needs to be said so that I can clear the air and not look back as the site propels into its next phase. And “next phase” is now here.

Will I keep commenting on the “markets?” Absolutely, just from a different perspective as to help others understand the how-and-what they’re competing with in relationship to it is where I’m going.

This is something I’ve been wrestling with for quite some time, but just felt I possibly needed a bit more gravitas for arguing certain issues from a credibility sake. Again, for my own head, not any other.

Over the last few years and months that “gravitas,” as they say, has been filled to my own personal levels of acceptance.

In other words I don’t give a horse’s pa-toot about whether or not someone thinks “Well who are you, or what gives you the credibility to make such comments?” For my answer is much like I stated earlier: If you don’t know who I am? I don’t care, you can research me all you want on the web, or just look in my archives and more. It’s all there. But as far as me trying to convince? Again, don’t care.

But let me just point out for those not convinced one last time…

I’ve been quoted or referenced in the largest business/financial and mainstream sites across the globe, bar none, for almost a decade. I’ve had my articles either run right alongside, or on the same page as some of the biggest names in finance such as Taleb, Stockman, Roach and more. In some instances when a story involved the likes of Warren Buffett and his thoughts and/or quotes on a company or market, the opposing viewpoint for contrast in said article has been me. (i.e., MarketWatch™)

Again, of all the people paraded across the media, along with the endless supply of next-in-rotation fund-managers and more available to the mainstream business/financial media they have to choose from – the viewpoint chose to argue against the biggest name in finance during one of the largest news story of the time (i.e., Apple™) was yours truly. And that’s just one, there’s been so many I myself have lost count.

When it comes to the world of finance, markets and more I have just as much, if not more, published work where I’ve called for caution in real-time explaining my reasoning and pointing to possible causation events than any other of what many might call the “nouveau motivational finance sect.” (See Reuters™ for further clues.)

Their “calls to riches” have morphed into my calls and reasoning for caution resulting in $Billions, upon $Billions, upon $Billions of market losses, not including the personal losses of money acquired of those following said advice.

IPO’s, Toronto real estate, cryptos, weed stocks, ________(fill in he blank) anyone?

Oh yes, and if you want to include entire markets such as the debacle that happened at the end of 2018? Those losses are in the $Trillions. But whose counting, right? For it’s all returned, so why worry, right? Right?

When I started (i.e., 2009) I knew I had issues that might hold me back, especially since I’m not a “Wall Street” guy, never worked as one, never was a writer of any sorts, and could barely spell cat without using spell checker. And there I’ve been, at the top of the heap, while also never doing anything the so-called “social media guru’s” will tell you you need to. i.e., I did it all without using it (yes, that’s right, no social media, think about that and let that seep in for those chasing “likes.”)

And in some ways just to add a bit of context. I’ve also been more correct on my calling for the demise of it than many self proclaimed “gurus.” After-all, when was the last time you heard of someone “crushing it” outside of Silicon Valley proper? I rest my case.

“So what’s this all about and why this post to begin with?” I can hear you asking through my monitors. Good question, and it is this…

As of this day going forward this site begins its journey once again to provide motivational material, insight and more into the complex structure known as business. And I believe there is no one else with the ability, as well as published background, and now, yes: archived gravitas to make such calls of/for insight at the highest levels of finance, markets and more – than myself. Again, bar none.

As of today this site goes back to its original purpose in helping those who want to excel at the highest levels of both their personal life, as well as business, through pragmatic insights they can both put into immediate action, as well as not feel or wonder if they’re consuming large quantities of snake oil.

To those that are ready this is my pledge to you and it begins May 1st with the relaunch of the MYTR Broadcast™.

More will be said then and as we go along, but make no mistake, I/we are about to undertake a very wild ride which I believe just may be the most fulfilling for true business wealth and personal security to come along in a generation.

That’s not hyperbole, that’s a true belief. But you’ll have to be ready to make the hard and true choices needed to run this course, for it won’t be for those of the “lightly committed” or “get rich quick” crowd. For that crap – and it is all crap – doesn’t work and never lasts.

If you think I’m wrong, I’m sure there’s a crypto insider, naked option selling, investing in real estate seminar, or weed stock millionaire making course that’ll just love to take your credit card number. The web is littered with them and some are being offered by the “biggest names!” Have a ball and best of luck too you is all say. And I truly mean it.

For those that have read this far, understand my implications, and are ready for the next chapter?

See You Wednesday.

© 2019 Mark St.Cyr