Two Very Different Notes

The first: To all those that celebrate or observe this day, from my family to yours Happy Easter!

The second: I have decided that the MYTR Broadcast™ will remain on hiatus for the remainder of April and will return on Wednesday, May 1st.

The reasons for this are too long and too many to discuss currently, but to try and make a long story short, we’ve been having issues with parts on both the back-end, as well as front, that have caused me true consternation.

Those of you that have been with me for some time know all too well, that if I can not get something in alignment of where I believe it should be, I will delay until, or at worst – jettison the entire en devour until it meets the idea or direction I envisioned for beginning it in the first place.

I have been at this form of a crossroads for weeks and needed to make a decision. I have since made it, however, such a decision required a bit more time to implement correctly, hence the delay – again.

Sorry, but it’s for very valid reasons that I’ve been wrestling with.

To reiterate, the decision made more sense and proved more valid the more I rumbled with it. I understand that many of you might be thinking”But you always say you shouldn’t wait till perfect, so why are you waiting?!”

I get it, but you also need to remember that all circumstances or issues should not (and some can not) be treated with the same mantra or metaphor just because it can seem to apply. However, you won’t hear that at most “motivational” seminars which is why so many get into so much trouble later down the road. But I digress.

There are times when you need to launch or ship when you’re not 100% ready. I’ve demonstrated that over, and over, and over again right here, now a decade hence. Remember, I’m quoted for the saying: If all you do is wait for perfection before doing, then perfectly waiting is all you’ll ever do.

This is not something regarding that. This is more existential in nature, not just a tweaking-of-things type exercise. It will all become apparent when the show returns.

Until that time I will still be posting articles to the site as always.

In addition you may/will observe certain items such as: widgets, menus, click-on buttons and more disappear and/or reappear as we continue revamping different items during this period.

May 1st is the now drop-dead relaunch date. Taking the additional week during this period allowed for other things to be changed with far greater ease, as well as further gremlin removal.

So with that said: It’s now Wednesday, May 1st for the MYTR Broadcast relaunch.

See you then.

© 2019 Mark St.Cyr